Welcome to the end of stress, anxiety and depression naturally


Imagine what your life would look like if you:


  • could get out of the constant pain and struggle holding you back and into a thriving, happy, abundant life NOW?
  • had a happy, healthy body free from debilitating pain and disease so that you can enjoy everything from playing with your kids to climbing Kilimanjaro?
  • enjoyed the financial freedom to never have to struggle to make ends meet and still have enough time outside of work to spend quality time with your family, before your kids grow up and leave home?
  • had the confidence to say NO to abusive relationships, so that  you begin attracting people who value your worth and want to contribute to your happiness?
  • could almost magically shed the extra weight that you know deep down is keeping you   from loving yourself completely, and/or attracting great sex, a partner, that promotion you keep getting passed over for?
  • just knew what was causing your animal companion’s recurring pain or erratic behaviour, so that you can stop agonising over what to do to help them and save thousands of dollars at the vet too?
  • had proven success strategies to make us of your entrepreneurial skills to launch your dream business so you can do what you love, whilst having the safety of a pay check in your full-time job until you are ready to launch your big vision?
  • could conceive with ease and have a happy pregnancy, knowing that as a mom-preneur to be, your business is set up to create future residual income, so that you can spend those precious early years growing a happy, conscious child?


These are just some of the ways, I continue to assist my clients in achieving their unique dreams and desires.

My role as a integrative energy and functional medicine practitioner is to assist you getting to the root cause of your health and wellness issues

naturally through the rest cutting edge tools of modern science and the ancient wisdom of Traditional chinese medicine, attachment styles and somatic release.

You are your own medicine and nature is the strong medicine.

When you combine a living, health diet with rest, exercise, supplementation and support you thrive.

You will learn to:

– expand Mind-Body awareness

– ease Chronic Pain and sleep disorders

– Reduce Stress and Anxiety

– Resolve and release symptoms of Trauma physical, emotional, and spiritual

– Develop deeper connections with self and others


 It is my target to assist you in getting out of your own way so that you too, can thrive, free to be the best version of yourself and have: 

  • a happy, healthy vital body mind
  • a benevolent financial future
  • right relationship for you (and expansive sex) 
  • a thriving family where you grow conscious, healthy kids
  • the joy of conscious business


In the past 15 years, I have guided thousands of people and their animal companions out of trauma, depression, anxiety and stress back to their True Nature –

calm, focused and fully expressed.



Many of my clients have reported experiencing:


Improved physical and mental wellbeing by learning how to understand the signs their bodies give them and developing a habit of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Increased trust and confidence in their psychic capacities to know what their animal companions require to stay happy and healthy, therfore saving thousands of dollars in vet and behavioural trainer bills.

Disappearing mysterious and terminal illnesses, thanks to bodywork and sports injuries rehabilitating to bring relief faster and easier than with other approaches.

Increased happiness and ease in conscious parenting and growing healthy, brilliant kids

Dramatic improvements in their relationships and love life, with stronger feelings of allowance and trust, and the elimination of unnecessary guilt and shame.

Enhanced wealth and abundance by developing a healthy wealth mindset, a stronger intuition for saving and investing, and a stronger, natural attraction of wealth.

Promotions and raises at work as a result of knowing exactly what career is in line with their life dreams and desires, connecting better with colleagues, and using their creativity to develop phenomenal ideas.



NOW is the time to begin to move forward towards a better, happier, healthier you.


Are you ready to let go of your limitations and power up your life?



If you are ready to BE your own medicine and move forward to get the results you desire, then this may be just what you are looking for.


My services are not for you if you:

  •  want a quick fix or magic pill – this is a tailor made system based on your body’s requirements and is set up to ensure your body holds the changes
  • don’t want to get honest, direct, to-the-point strategies (yes, I can get a little intense about getting you to see how amazing you are!)
  • are not willing to do whatever it takes to change whatever you love about staying in pain and playing small
  • are not 110% sure you are over the addiction to trauma, drama and upset – yes, change is uncomfortable, but is what you are choosing now working for you? If not, then what have you got to lose?


Here are 3 options to  get your in to living the life you always knew possible:


1. Opt-in to the “4 Keys to loving you” free downloads and receive a bonus Gratitude e-book and mp3 anytime play

2. Take a look at some of the specialty classes, programs, private sessions and products available

3. If you know you are ready to get started to fast track your phenomenal life, then fill in the CONTACT form to set up your FREE 20 minute discovery session to uncover the challenges that you are facing and create an action plan to help you move forward NOW!!



Are you ready to let go of your limitations and power up your life?

Are you ready to let go of your limitations and power up your life?The processes shared are aimed at providing easy tools and insights which allow you to approach future possibilities with a sense of ease and ultimately joyIf you are ready to take advantage of your own unique capacities and talents and move forward as quickly as possible to get the results you desire then this may be what you are looking for.


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