Shadow dancing - Break free and  heal from the pain of past traumas and faulty beliefsystems,so that you can access your authentic joy  and reclaim your True Nature naturally.

Are you ready to learn how to recognise what unresolved trauma could be showing up as in your money foows, health issues and relationship challenges so that you can dissolve those past hurts and  turn that into your own personal prescription of dharma?

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Perfectionism, according to Brown, “fuels this primary thought: ‘If I look perfect, live perfectly, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.’”

I’d love for you to join me in CREATING A NEW SENSE OF SAFETY by uncovering your unresolved emotional trauma keeping you stuck in self sabotaging patterns and blind sided actions.

This live 2 part series recorded with live class participants, will help you to bring the shadow parts of your splintered psyche into the light and have a conversation with your child parts trapped in unresolved trauma and disassociation, so you can feel again whole beyond the need to be perfect and right.

 It's time to illuminate these broken records of your biography so they do not shape your biology any longer in sickness, exhaustion and not enoughness. 

In this safe space, you will remember that you have not "lost yourself", you just did the best you could since you were a child, to keep yourself safe with what you had available to you at the time.

It is my hope that you will un ravel, re learn and receive the art of living from an untethered soul, that knows how to use compassion to heal those deep, dark wounds and bring your shadow parts into the light.

You and I both know that resisting those parts you have been programmed to believe as unlovable,
are what make you who you came here to be as the connection and truth of life itself.

Testimonial: Wow...what an incredible call! I feel so enlightened and I finally understand! I stood in my truth during a very traumatic situation this weekend and by using my new knowledge and tools to have opened up a whole new way of being with loved ones that is so loving! Thanks to all who shared so bravely last night. Love to you Kayleigh. 

This two-part tele-class includes discussion and live coaching with women just like you,
to support you where you are now.

You will receive:

- 2x 120 minute audios of a LIVE teleclasses  
- Entry into the Shadow Dancing closed facebook group community where your questions will be answered by me and you will have the safety and support of me and your community 24/7
- 1:1 60 minute private skype session to work on your particular issues and resolve them including a replay and any support material relevant to your session.
( The Normal price of a 60 minute session like this is $300 - so this is worth its weight in gold!)

By listening, learning and applying the practises and doing the inner work at your own pace, you will
understand how your early childhood wounds are affecting and compromising your day to day decision making
- see how your emotions and stories from your childhood have been blocking your ability to succeed in your relationships with your bodymind, your loved ones, your business and your money flows
- learn how to free yourself from the core patterns that have held you back, triggered you to react and kept you stuck in a cycle of abuse that makes you sick, exhausted and feeling alone
- reset your nervous system,
decode the gifts of your shadow parts and be able to confidently and consciously create your best life where you create your own safety and succeed
- transform your traumas in to truth and triumph because when you can easily track your emotional state and ask for what you want, you no longer kill you joy by going into assumptions.

Investment cost: Only $197 USD or SAR1997

Testimonial: It clicked with me that the "supportive role" might not be a weakness for me, but actually part of the gift that I am here to use as my strength of what I am meant to do. I am studying kinesiology and also need to do my Bodytalk exam next year, and this was one of the missing pieces for me. Being scared that I might not be able to do the work because of doubting myself so much, but I now start to see that the supportive part in me is actually perfect for that space. While I realise I might be on a bit of a high right now, I'm enjoying this excited feeling and will try to pay attention to nurture myself in order to be able to fully step into my power.

Class 1: 
You will rediscover and learn:
- Creating a safe space for self healing
- Being the observer  of your triggers 
- How to rewrite your stories to clear sub conscious traumas and addictive coping patterns
- A guided exercise of shadow dancing to make the dark light

Class 2: 
You will rediscover and learn:

- How to track self sabotaging belief systems and course correct from what is true
- C
learing projections that have blocked your thoughts, feelings and emotions
- Listening to your own needs through curiosity to rebuild confidence and trust
- Understanding why you project your hurt and fears onto others and how to flip it around
- Re learning how to ask for what you want through relationships that do not shame, assume or make you feel wronged
- Create loving relationships to ask rather than assume what that person thinks about you, so you can get out of self shredding and in to self loving

Testimonial: Although I am always very vigilant in business, to make sure there is no misunderstanding with clients or arrangements, I actually never joined the dots through to my personal life. I'm now thinking of all the fights that I had or times that I just sat in resentment feeding the voices in my head about assumptions that I made, especially towards my family. I would arrogantly tell my husband that I "know" what he is thinking just by the way that he said something and blame him for that and squarely accuse him of being responsible for my unhappiness. This allowed me to be a victim of circumstance and not having to face my own truths. I feel ashamed of all the pain that I caused in our relationship by projecting that onto him. However I now feel empowered and very resolute to own this word "assumption" as a tool to use to check myself and build better communication and a space to be vulnerable. This is such a gift. Thank you, thank you. Elsje, Johannesburg

“In music one does not make the end the value of the music, the whole point of the dancing is the dance” Alan Watts

You have a calling and a purpose.
I have insights & answers.

A master class to shine a light on the parts of yourself that you have rejected as wrong, broken yourself apart or pushed so far away from yourself, that you are no longer consciously aware that they are limiting your joy and holding the cycle of violence or trauma towards yourself in place.

Together we will track what is happening in your inner world so you can connect with blocked emotions and set yourself free to be unapolagetically you.

You will create a sense of safety for yourself, in a seemingly unsafe world where you have no control over what others are choosing but you can control how you choose to show up in the world and thrive.

Why you won't want to miss this opportunity to work with yourself with me as your light bearer and truth telling facilitator .....

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. ~ Carl Jung

Shadow dancing is a 2 week group coaching program for the busy super women who are ready to begin, or who are already on a path of self-acceptance, and want to gather some tools that will support them along the way to breaking old patterns and making blindspots visible so they no longer run you.

On the surface, it’s about making the hidden visible, it is about discovering easy tools to remove hidden ostacles, patterns and triggers so you can love and accept  yourself deeply. It’s about shining a light into the shadows of your heart and mind so that you can clearly see you have never been wrong or broken orembarrassing. It is a space where you get to reclaim, the parts of yourself that feel lost, broken or forgotten. It’s about experiencing yourself as Whole and complete, no matter what your external circumstances are.

I created this short program for women who are:
- over trying to “fix” themselves and want to embrace Who They Truly Are.
- willing to go deep into the shadows and see the gift in the discomfort of fear and faulty belief systems.
- ready to embrace the messy and cyclical nature of growth.

This course is not a quick fix and you won’t walk away from this course loving every single thing about yourself 100% of the time.

It is the begnning of coming HOME to you -  a foundational and vital piece you will practice for the rest of your life! 
It is a dance that I am hoping by practicing the tools I’ll be sharing with you, you will come to understand and appreciate aspects of yourself that you never thought imagined possible.

And best of all, you’ll have the safety of your tribe, the herd within the private group calls and FB page to feel really  seen, heard, and received as the gift you are to all of us here.

Grab your journal, put some “me time” on your calendar, and meet me for Shadow Dancing - moving beyond past trauma and tears to triumph and thriving in your True Nature.

When: On your computer via Uber confernce calls

Begins: August 8th for 2 weeks ( yup 8:8 energy and completion request for 9:9:9 energies of this year)

What’s included: ~

~Two live 90 minute group coaching calls with me, Sarah-Jane
~A Private Facebook Group to connect with your fellow participants
~An opportunity to ask me anything within the Facebook group 
~Exclusive rates on private coaching sessions and energy work with me (Save 50%)

A Word From Sarah-Jane

“That great thing called your life is your legacy. It is time to live beyond the trauma of the past and stop cheating yourself from a life well lived.  You are not broken, you came here to dance, to use your unique talents and capacities to make the world a better place and it is time to stop dimming your life and make your life matter because you only have one precious life.

Please don't waste it - you are your most valuable asset and you cannot share what you have if you do not feel into the places you disconnected from your own sense of value and worthiness.

It is time to create your own sense of safety and what you need to build a strong relationship to yourself and those waiting for you to dance your dance and sing your song as only you can. Join me - it is time.