I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve tried everything… and after all this “work” you’ve done on yourself, you wonder: “Why am I still stuck, sick, anxious or blocked?”

There’s something deeper holding you back from LOVING yourself, trusting that you are enough.

The good news?

It’s also the key to dynamic change in EVERY area of your life:


The three things that can cause the most internal conflict.

Hi, I’m Sarah-Jane.

I want to help you bring more love into your life, so that you can release anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt,

and remember what makes you deeply happy in all 4 pillars of REAL love.

Business, body, relationships, money, joy – it’s all connected.

Welcome to your life of love – daily.

If you are ready to LOVE your life, claim your gifts and make profit?


Here is how you know if unresolved traumas are preventing you from living a happy, fulfilled, abundant life:


  • sleepless nights
  • depression
  • family drama
  • money drama
  • mystery illness
  • loss of joy


Clear the brain fog & sustain a strong immune system with a healthier body and mind. Stay focused and aligned with your creativity & vision to change lives with your gifts and expertise. Achieve success and a lifestyle of abundance for you and your family without being burnt out, anxious and confused.


Having a crisis and need to talk to someone NOW? If you’re ready to get to the root of the trauma keeping you stuck in analysis paralysis and back to feeling focused, lit up, aligned with your purpose and excited, book a lifeline session.


Do you keep attracting abusive relationships even when you know better? Our connections are rooted in our adverse childhood experiences. Create secure attachments for the child parts running your adult life you and integrate the  toxic traumas in your system to attract the kind, loving, respectful, relationships you crave.


Sarah-Jane, a bush baby at heart, has been communicating with animals since her early childhood. Being able to get to the root of your animal friends’ health or behavioural problems is sometimes not as easy as a trip to the vet.

Sarah-Jane is a shining example of what vulnerability and inspiration can look like for women everywhere who are ready to use their voices to change their lives and their communities. Sarah-Jane is fast becoming recognized as a global thought leader in championing women’s freedom and the power of the tribe through who work with lions and other animal archetypes.

Katana Abbott, USA

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Practitioner, Life and Legacy Wealth Coach™, Author, Midlife Millionaires

I started working with SJ because everything in my life felt off – I was at a point where I was no longer happy living in one country and needed travel again and see other cultures and experience other countries. I started coaching with SJ because I had a lot of fear about what that would do for my business and my life. I was scared to disrupt what was working to expand my life. My experience with SJ was great. She held the space for me as I traveled to the UK and went back and forth to India and made the decision to move from South Africa to Asia. She helped me find clarity and understanding on what changes I needed to make to my business in order to create the life I wanted to create, which has been critical for the next phase of my journey and my life. SJ was the catalyst I needed for me to step into my dream life with courage and start really building a company I genuinely love. Highly recommend her to assist you in getting clarity and success in your life and biz1

Vangile Mcwkwa

Author, Speaker, Money Catalyst, Wealthy Money

My confidence has soared and I am full of energy and inspiration again! Before working with Sarah-Jane I was struggling to fill my practice, stuck in the feast or famine, frustrated. I lost the joy of why I got into the happiness and trauma release biz in the first place. I was going no where. Sarah-Jane is a combination of strong intuition, strong medicine and the delivery of solid, conscious business practices. She helped me heal from adrenal fatigue, and I got crystal clear on my dream client, and dug deep into my personal beliefs to realise my first online program and the foundation of my training. I have been invited to speak on radio and television, signing new clients and working less so I can spend more time renovating my dream house and living up to my brand. Thank you for getting me back on my purpose driven life and spreading happiness like a contagion around the world.

Anjana Lala

Happiness Institute



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