How to live a life beyond concern and worry.


Have you ever noticed how attachment to a limited belief system causes suffering? When we become stuck in these systems there may be glimpses of inner peace… but when a negative thought enters, we believe it, and the peace seems to disappear.


As Projectors, when we notice any feelings of concern, worry, anxiety or anger or fear, we investigate the “story” behind them. . . and realize that the intense emotions we have don’t determine who we truly are.


As you bring your full awareness to any limiting beliefs and other negative thoughts, you begin to hear the inner voice of your true Self. . . and as you’ll notice, it sounds brilliant.


You don’t need to be concerned just because everyone else is just to fit in and be like the others and can you do yourself a favor and allow yourself to just enjoy being unconcerned and feel into that it does not mean you turn away and don’t participate.


It’s not the way it is, you just stop being worried and concerned so you can stay present to make a plan to be a difference.


Being unconcerned, unhooking from trauma, drama and emergency


Well That is truth – its willing to be inspired and act

How can you pull back the layers, go into the dark shadow parts and can you feel into the witness, observer, your innate intelligence and notice what is within you right now that is unconcerned that ego may judge you the inner sabatoeur will say is heartless, frigid, callous, selfish


Maybe and here is a biggie

Take a breath


What if the part that of you that is unconcerned was misperceived as something called depression?


Often depression is “I am already naturally unattached to reality and sadness is not being part of the play that you are already freed of.”


What if depression is unrecognized liberation and freedom?


Now there is something willing to explore

I am unaware of how free I already am, I am not depressed!!


You and I both know that A negative feeling and/or emotion lets us know when we’re opposing what is. . . we are anti, it’s the part against the me, the anti me

when we believe the false thought as true instead of your truth which is to just simply be


about the things you see in order to transform it

simply by choosing to love more often starting with loving the you and the anti you.


False thoughts often tell us that we are in a constant struggle with reality. And when we recognize that we’re living as if this were true, we become self-aware. . .


We have been diving deep into tracking emotions within the fast track Shadow dancing masterclass to flip trauma and blind spots in to truth telling and transformation and even deeper …


With each level of the Out of the Blues program,

(this home study intensive will give you everything you need to reset your frazzled nervous system and be your own medicine)

the limiting belief system wrapped up in our false story begins to fall away in the light of self-awareness. . . where only truth remains. And the more we practice observing our conditioned patterns, thoughts, and beliefs, the closer we get to ruling our reality.


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The illusion is not the form, if it was there would not be two different words

Form is form, feelings are not illusions, feelings are feelings and illusion is illusion

When you wake up out of illusion, you can be lost and not even know it

You probably get this already

Illusion is what you wake up out of


And the waking up is of what’s next syndrome which takes you out of the joy of the moment of waking up

Chasing your own tail, on to the next thing

What’s next is what you wake up out of, what’s next is the illusion.


There is always a what’s next but it’s not something you are in charge or the universe is waiting for you to manifest.


That’s just a belief innocent enough that nothing will happen until you make it happen.


Funny hey?

What if you just surrender into being unconcerned with the whats next and know you don’t need to be so in charge of things?


Creation already exists so I want to tell you a funny story just to play with your mind around our own self importance and what we truly are responsible, responding to wards….

I promise you allowing yourself to have a flood of emotional tears will not cause flooding across the world….

And being good at something does not mean it’s a good idea to do it.



Here’s a thing you might not know about me.

I really love plants.

I especially love the IDEA of plants, and especially when they’re peacefully pinned on a Pinterest board, without all the pesky bugs and dirt and mildew. And I definitely feel that plants should come with a gardener, just like children should come with their own nanny. Unfortunately the universe disagrees with me on this topic.


But the truth is that as much as I adore green springing leafy things, I’m not great at keeping them alive. Luckily I have a gardener to water things and keep the big garden happy.


I’m much better with flowers…once they’ve had their heads lopped off. I know that makes me sound bloodthirsty. I have nothing to say in my own defense.


But there is ONE plant in our house that always always always gets the water it needs.


You know why?

Because when it gets thirsty, it looks like this, but with more weeping and wailing and gnashing of its petioles:


And then after a good dousing, it perks right back up, usually within an hour.

It’s such a drama queen.

Most of us can learn a lot from this plant.

It doesn’t wait until it’s permanently brown and scorched to express its needs.


It does not bravely stand tall while silently collapsing on the inside.

It is not passive aggressive and resentful that no one remembered to water it.

It isn’t coy or subtle.

It is an excellent communicator, this plant.

It knows exactly what it needs, and it requests it in a most straightforward way.


And I’m always so grateful to it.


That clear communication gives me the best possible chance of keeping it alive. It lets me be my best self as a plant owner.

(Now if I were a psychopathic plant owner, and I poured hot tea on the plant when it clearly told me it needed cool water, that’s an entirely different thing. If you are the plant in this story, and you are clearly articulating your needs, and someone in your life is essentially saying “no,” then you need to call the plant doctor. Or a good Crucible Method-trained therapist.)


I love how simply Danielle La Porte sums it up:


Notice that you’re noticing more now. A paradigm shift is a new way of seeing, so the grass actually looks greener, and you can hear what people are really saying, and yes you ARE looking sexier today. You’re sharper now and you will notice more.

Keep it up.


Be prepared for some constriction.


This is really, really important:


Expect to fall back — and be incredibly compassionate when the inevitable slip happens.

This is the pattern of really big change:

Big expansion.

Slight constriction.

Return to expansion.

Micro constriction.

Back to expansion — full, fuller, fullest.



You’re learning how to do the new you.


You’re reacclimatizing to truth and joy and power.

You’ll forget for a minute that you’re more powerful than you have ever been.

And you’ll dip into an old pattern or habit.


You’ll get all jangled and unnerved by the shit you “thought” you just surmounted. That’s cool. You’re on track. You’re re-confirming your expansion.

You may be testing yourself.

You may even be trying to sabotage yourself.

It’s okay, Love.

Because you can step back into your new, bigger size WAY more easily than before.

Powering up is getting easier.

Can you feel it?


Joy can be unsettling.

Power can be terrifying.

Newness is a mind trip. That’s all you need to know. It’s not that your breakthrough was false, it’s simply that this is… new.

Call back your power, declare you are changing, growing, expanding and that it can feel terrifying anf go any way

Be your own champion, tend to your intuitive knowing, trust it and tread gently on yourself and the earth because you are not the same person you were a miinute ago

Love what arises and stay in your big beautiful heart


If this little fable makes you feel a little squirmy inside, or if it fills you with wild hope, I have a book you need to read. It’s called Love Warrior, and everyone’s talking about it. Don’t let that dissuade you. Go read it anyway. It’s good nourishment for all your tenderest leafiest bits.


Because The world does not need more successful people. The world is longing for more healers, storytellers and lovers of all kind that love with a whole heart.


So today ask yourself what are you really concerned about

If you can pinpoint what you are concerned about it how do you know?

Is the thing you are most concerned about concerned about you?

And if its not concerned about you are you concerned about it?

And what if you are honest and admit that ‘cos you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Now you are getting somewhere whether you are aware of what to do with yourself or not.

Follow the pull and go there


Like the plant, can we clean up our body minds so we can do the things that as socially responsible beings we can do the things we need to do and do them without concern??

Just for today can you take a vacation from worry?


Let’s take swift action to make a positive impact and stop working so hard on talking about how worried and concerned you are and just take action to change the thing you are concerned about like feeding people or saying no to Monsanto by planting your own vegetable garden and don’t vaccinate your kids or your animals .


Start there because when you can live free of distractions like worrying about things you cannot change and be unattached, unconcerned, well then you can let the magic happen to make the world a better place than you left it!