Happy New moon energy – it’s a powerful time to set intentions and show up more fully!

Life often throws us curve balls that take us off our path
that is why having strong foundations, anchors and ritual in place is so important.

without a stake in the ground, knowing your why gets covered up by reactive not responsive energies that drain you and leave you

under or overwhelmed

you get stuck in the moment

you have to build your muscles

to feel better,

we all want to be a conduit and a vessel for others

and the only way we can fulfil our purpose

is in the PRESENT moment.

and to do that you have to SHOW up.

You may have heard me say this before…

But one the most powerful things and I think really that overwhelms any amounts of money you invest in facebook ads, or website, or all the bells and whistles.


Being present, letting your tribe get an experience of you, this is paramount.

But even more deeply than showing up for your calling not a career outside of you, but your joy of business, your purpose and your people.

you have to show up for you.

Yup the word we have been programmed to avoid
Selfish or what i prefer to call

Being an entrepreuneur, being a leader, being an empath, being a conscious business owner, being someone who is sensitive to being in pursuit of a higher calling,
having 6 cats,
a constant flow of guests in my home,
9 plus non profit animal charities and
a water project in Zimbabwe,
the Pachamama tribe and
a “Seeds for life” project
amongst other rhino and elephant and cheetah sanctuaries I send money to every month
no matter what my bank balance looks like,
a 10 year old daughter to grow and nurture,
run to afternoon activities and help with her homework and projects,
a 1 acre home and grounds to be guardian of
and tending to the needs of my staff who show up to assist and support me so that they can feed their families far away
a roster of clients,
there are many spaces I have to show up for daily over and above these just like you, life is full and busy and hair raising at times.

It is a non negotiable ask, to have the stamina and strength to run my co-operational activities, my responsibilities efficiently
and some days it terrifies me how big it all gets
the kindness I need for myself when it does not always go to plan
when I want to hide under the covers and wish it all away…..

but I have to show up because its bigger than me,
its about my daughter
the animals who depend on me to feed tham
the charities who need my monthly contributions to save lives
to my clients who once could not leave their houses because they were paralysed by the paintings of past traumas who are now traveling the world and doing amazing things with their gifts

and for me to do the work necessary in the PRESENTmonent
to continue building my personal and financial growth so that I can turn my purpose into profit and live in to a legacy
fulfilled with the joy of my strong medicine
to do my sacred work to the best of my ability……

But none of that works…
none of it.
If I can’t show up for me.
I have to be my own time piercer,
my own cheerleader most times.

I have to hold tight to my boundaries around my time, even if it means disappointing people at times and when I want to say YES to every person who calls me to help them and always has a BUT about investing i themselves or has a missing animal they want me to gestalt track ( those lost or hurt animals are still the hardest for me to say No to – I am a work of progress there because it hurts.)

I have to make hard decisions and be uncomfortable in service not just of the vision I have for my life but my own personal selfism, my needs and desires.

I have to take care of myself emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally.

I have to be present within myself for me.

I have to pay special attention to my body so that my sleeping brain tumour does not knock me off my feet and I forget that some times and pay for it dearly.

I have to consciously honour my body, feed it, move it, listen to it in daily meditation and still time, the pauses are sacred for me, to hear where I am out of congruence with what is true for me
especially now where what once was true is no longer relevant
in this time of a new moon and so much shifting around me and the collective consciousness on the Planet.

I am constantly practising self enquiry from the contrast of what I hold as my core desires and values and feel into the spaces that no longer feel good and expansive and empower myself to reset my True North.

Every day when I wake up I ask the universe to use me as a divine channel of love to use my skills, my talents, my intelligence, my past, my future, my present, my body, my mind and my heart, my failures and my successes in order to lift me up and use me to be of greater service.

I want you to believe you have everything you need to hold a strong container of high vibrations, of positivity around yourself like I do because that is what I need to feel supported, filled with light and love.

Nobody else can do that for you, I can only sow up at the level of support that you for yourself, I know that is true for myself if I am to serve deeply in my family life, for my business, for the animals and my clients.I know how important it is for me to nurture, to feed those parts of myself first and when I do those around me can do the same as there is an easy flow and synergy even when we swim upstream, it fortified us and fills us up with resilience and a brave heart.

Our destiny as wo/men is to own and accept the destiny within and available for us as inter connected to everything.

The power is to speak into the Universe and ask for what you want, your words carry intentions so listen to your languaging inwards and outwardly, be sensitive to the gentle whispers and lean into the parts calling for your attention.

Say No when you need to as January and the peak time of the gall bladder in chinese medicine reminds us now – its at its strongest now, so you can set healthy boundaries, and not get thrown off the path when things get bumpy. (I always sell a lot of Liver Lovers tonic in january and recommend tons of dark green vegetable juices and coffee enemas right now.Grab my HOW to below)


Ground in to your day to day of what is possible and take small consistent steps. Make time and space to check in and adjust to the priorities.

and then breath,

honour what you need

and then show up for yourself.

the greatest gift you can give to yourself
and others around you
is your own happiness.

Practise radical self care
Be strong in your medicine

Minute by minute, inch by inch
be consistent
make an appiumment with yourself
don;t self abandon or cancel

you would not do that to anyone else
so what is it costing you to cancel out your own appointment time with YOU?

Be red, hot and holy about keeping your agenda
to yourself
and you will gain momentum

track your wins
celebrate your gains
stay open and curious to what it is that you want.

set daily experiments
be the authority of your own life.

Experience and feel yourself there
and stop holding back

As yourself this:

What would be exciting for you?

What are you not following up with that would open you to new possibilities ?

What are you really afraid of?


What does showing up fully in your gifted life look like for you ?

Where are you disappearing in an aspect of your life, your body, your relationships, with money, with your business?

Where are you self abandoning?

Where can you affirm that you are?

And when you do

What one step can you take to show up more present for yourself?
Perhaps you are showing up – if you are how can you amplify that even more?

Where can you align your frequency to what you say you want and show up fully for yourself there?

Feel free to share or just sit with those if it resonates for yourself.

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