What if…..

Your life could be more than just getting by?

I know you.
You are smart, kind, generous and patient with everyone except yourself.
You are also doubting if you are doing enough,
will ever have enough to just slow down for a while
or will ever BE enough.

You’ve got a good sense of how to take care of yourself,
but somehow life’s little curve balls keep throwing your dreams and desires under the bus.

You know you need to set stronger boundaries and honour your No but that little child part of you
that  just wants to be liked or does not want to be any trouble keeps running your life for fear of……
being left all alone
or shamed
or judged
id afraid to ask for what she needs.

So you keep holding yourself responsible to impossible standards

– settling for less of you,
you stay up a little later to get it all done and keep everyone else happy.
You cut your meditation practice short, maybe blow off a workout to save time,
you cancel that massage
you forget to nourish yourself with live food
or take time to just breath, stretch or go to the toilet….

You don’t have time to stop,
you are exhausted
and you wonder why you keep trying to uphold impossible standards to please everyone
and it keeps you from feeling successful
of feeling fulfilled
of your own simple pleasure….

because deep down inside you are terrified of what will happen if you
just stopped living from force and gave yourself permission to flow over you
and say:
“YES, it’s my time now and I am choosing a life that feels good versus what I feel.”

So the next time you find yourself in the all-too-familiar place of feeling
stressed out,
and unsatisfied.

Please don’t soothe your nervous system with a second glass of wine,
or working until 3am
or telling yourself it’s just a busy time right now
and ……
you’ll get back into a better routine someday soon.

Instead I want you to :

  • Press PAUSE and ask yourself with the gentle patience and allowance you would a little child

            “What do I really need here, that will restore my sense of well being?”

because when you can get a clear vision of what you need,
you stop forcing things to be
and create the flow
you open the space that allows you to create easily and effortless. 

So I want to give yourself the grace of time to re-examine what success means to you
rather than what society has told you,
you need to be
in order to have your own definition of success
I believe that when you get in touch with the white, hot, holy truth of where you want to live
you get to live into your legacy and create a positive impact.

You know what you want,
You know you need to take care of yourself first
so that you can connect with others through your light frequency.

Here is what I know to be true for me after working on myself

and with hundreds of women over the last 15 years
who like me, were holding themselves to impossible high standards
that when you value your worth,
see yourself as your most valuable resource
you stop forcing and take  aligned action
you energetically also open the flow of everything you want to come to you
including your divine right clients, your lover, money.

We don’t know what is going to unfold or how it is going to be like until we get there.
And I don’t want you to just get by and miss your own precious life.

I did that for years and it almost killed me which is why I am on a mission to support strong,
women to stop holding themselves to impossible standards that keep them in a constant state of stress
and overwhelm by getting to the root cause of why they feel like something is missing.
Together we identify and integrate the old beliefs, that trigger the familiar cycle of beating themselves up.
We name the irrational fears that have constantly stuck ON fight, flight or flee so that they can come down.

As my mentor Monty Roberts and the equus work with horses taught me
“Adrenalin up, learning down.”

I know because I catch myself more often than not when I hold myself to impossible standards
and then it is impossible to give myself space to have a learning curve.
I don’t give myself permission to navigate through sometimes the tough
or challenging reality of figuring things out.

I never have.

My unrealistic demand is, “I should just know how to do this.”

When I find myself going into overwhelm and shutdown of shoulds
the fantasies and insanities of judging myself for not being where I think I should be,
where I think I am failing,
i remember as I remind my clients what lights me up and what gives me fulfilment
so that I can fall in love with myself and my life all over again.

That is what I stand for when my clients want to go into nervous system shut down and avoidance.
That is my purpose in my work
not to PLEASE them
but to SERVE them so they get the transformation and the insight.

So the next time you find yourself going off course from your vision
with all the self saboteur voices and impossible standards of self flagellating
deprecating self talk….
I should be there already… It shouldn’t take long… I shouldn’t have a curve of learning…

I invite you to do what I do to course correct and get back on track.

Push PAUSE, and ask yourself:

” Has my level of awareness exceeded my expectations?”
and then feel that in your body.
Let it come up
and remember why you do what you do
Who you serve and reframe the fear.

“I am successful in my personal practice and where I am professionally in my medicine as a self love revolutionary.
The services and spaces I hold are impactful and transformational.
I serve and lead people back to their hearts with integrity and allowance,
and I attract a tribe of amazing and wonderful people that seek me out for my knowledge and for my mentorship.”

And then when that inner saboteur shouts back at you and it will, I hear it daily telling me
“you haven’t even started yet, this isn’t success, look at your peers, you should be there already”…..

That is the gift of acute self awareness to know that is not your true empowered wise voice
that is not self love
that is abuse and its not true.
That is the little voice of irrational fear and self sabotage that is not rooted in reality.  what the authentic place of purpose and appreciation of myself lie.

The ideals I have of myself and expectations of where I should be are not real.

They are not for you either.

We all have our shadows and blind spots.
…..that is why I know first hand the value of having a mentor who can show you a different way of being
and doing things in your True Nature

……so you don’t miss your beautiful life.

I share this because I want people to know, that what we often see in others success and creation
on the surface doesn’t always match the experience of the person.

I am not any different from anyone else who still struggles at times with unmet, impossible standards
and unrealistic expectations of myself,
and a very distorted view of how I hold my life, that is not loving and patient.

We are all human.
It is in our nature, our nervous system to be afraid of falling not failing – (we made that failing part up)

Even when I achieve great success,
Even when my clients praise and thank us
Even when I see the transformations and the impact of my work,
I still have days that are force
when I struggle with doubts and fears
where I get overwhelmed with my own Bull shit
and the old smoke screens and filters
that prevent me from seeing with absolute clarity what is in front of me.

Or I don’t give permission to the journey of it.

It gives me the ability to resonate and relate to my clients because I have been there,
I continue my own messy experiments
and because I have seen my way through adversity and unspeakable traumas before
I can hold a safe container for my clients to feel so they too can heal and

fall in love with themselves and their lives again too.


I am stronger because of what I have been through.
I have been tested and I still am every day.
Invited to examine what is under the fear
to unravel and dismantle old beliefs and ideals that no longer serve me.

I am often in awe of how much I have come through, stronger, wiser
and more aligned with my authenticity
and my truth.

So if you find yourself questioning,
or find yourself beating yourself up,
or holding unrealistic and impossible standards of perfectionism on yourself…




Am I ready to stop forcing myself to live from impossible standards
and bridge the gap between what I know I need to be doing to love myself into
radical self care of myself and actually doing it?

It’s time to Level up Self Love and stop missing out on a fulfilled, deeply happy, abundant Life.


Prioritizing self-care can be really hard – it’s way easier with support.
That’s why I created The 30 day self love Medicine Walk : a deep, self transformational journey designed to help you
take self-love and appreciation of you off the back burner and to support you to nurture the daily habits you
need to love yourself into more ease
, joy and grace so that you return to feeling alive – energized, clear, and capable of handling what comes your way.


  • fall in LOVE with yourself and your life again
  • feel more energized and vital
  • feel capable of handling life with greater ease and confidence
  • deepen your sleep and meditation practice
  • feel lighter, clearer, and more inspired
  • improve your digestion
  • drop some extra weight
  • work with the strengths and challenges of your constitution
  • live in greater integrity with your own energy and values
  • get more done in less time
  • develop a rock-solid platform from which to serve


then I’d love to talk with you.

I have 2 openings available to work high touch, with a woman like you ready to rise up and fall in love with themselves and their lives again.
If you feel called to explore what that looks like to work with me on remembering what lights you up and give yourself the gift of fulfilled, purpose driven life.
If you are ready to stop missing your life
Then please schedule your free discovery call here.

I love you


P.S. While I will continue to send you emails and invite you to trainings to support you in bringing your love into the world, I will also continue to invite you into my world and my practices for going equally inward and for sourcing ourselves with nourishment and insight.

It is my understanding that returning to self LOVE is the only way we will ever be sustainable in what we do, and the only way we can bring wisdom and impact to global healing into the world.

I don’t want to miss this life and the love that’s available here because I was too busy “making it happen.” I don’t want any of us too.

I look forward to the new evolution of this work and to sharing in true connection with you.

Post your comments and questions and share this with someone who needs to hear this today. Need a little help getting back to loving you go to http://www.accessurtruenature.com and book a CLARITY to health, wealth and happiness Skype call with me now.

I appreciate you – love and gratitude Sarah-Jane