Maybe just for this minute-
Stop holding yourself in
And LOVE yourself out
I realized I do the work I do
in the world
because I had been afraid
of loving myself completely
most of my life.
It hurts
And I don’t want that
For you
You are worthy of love
Just by your very existence
You are LOVE
In a beautiful
Physical body
Love is an inside job
So start there before you
look for love from others
You have to show up
all YOU.
Most people tamp down their most interesting bits
in the name of being clear,
and not-confusing.
‘Most people’ includes me.
For many years,
I didn’t
find it interesting
or relevant
to share my art
because I was writing about business.
For lots of years,
I didn’t find it relevant
to share my thoughts about life
or my struggle with depression
and anxiety
and hermit like qualities
that kept me inside
out of a world that was too noisy
I did not find it relevant
to tell people I was psychic
and spoke to animals
and plants
for fear of people judging me as to woo
and entity clearing was a no go zone
because well people would run a mile
and because I was writing about business
well, that would frighten off any would be clients.
It starts with loving yourself
of giving yourself permission to say
YES to love
YES to self ishnes
YES to wants and desires
YES to your boundaries
YES to where you put your attention
Only of COURSE I’m allowed to
brew up herbs
and other witches potions like bone broth
and mud packs
and speak of painting
and how to give yourself a coffee enema
and write dark comedy
and poems nobody gets except me
and be a fierce medicine woman
and horse whisperer
BE a business coach
a life strategist
and a lover of all things Harry Potter
and a time traveler
and a part-time hermit
more than an extrovert.
Of COURSE you’re allowed to embrace
your contradictions
and your seemingly irrel- evant
but wildly fascinating bits
instead of trying to box them out
of your conscious joy of business
and pretend that all you think about is your
paper for your hand made cards
or your brides for weddings
or those homes you’re selling
or the latest whole food diet plans
rather than be hungry for change
and change what no longer works for you.
and of
COURSE it gets more messy
when you align with your truth,
since you don’t have a nifty tagline
that instantly hits people’s pain points
and solves their problems.
In theory, artists and empaths
don’t have advice that helps your business grow,
and carpenters don’t show up at comedy nights
to share their jokes,
and artists don’t take on new mediums let alone mix them
when they’re already achieving commercial success in their chosen field.
You are your own experiment
Life is your phD
You are undefinable
And when you choose to LOVE you
The more you grow as a human,
the more likely you are to bring your voice
your truth
your inspiration
you joy
and your work into the world,
and to…
in the ultimate universal checkmate…
be afraid
and doubt
to procrastinate
change your mind
and through all of the messy bits
show up
shine your light
make friends with your clients
who see you and show appreciation
for your work and actually want to give you money
of course you can
sell more of the work you were sure belonged in a small,
safe box that was clear,
and that was easy to sell with bullet points.
Your worth in the world doesn’t lie in bullet points.
Your life is not so easily fenced or caged.
Your soul is not rooting for your tightest
and clearest Unique Sales Proposition.
Your Ego wants convenience
Your Soul wants authenticity.
Your best, highest,
and most alive self
is waiting for you to bring
to the buffet of life
to YOUR table.
What if you said what you really think,
Made eye contact with strangers
And otherwise expressed
Exactly who you are
To the world at large?
Expressing yourself is the ultimate act of self love
It’s a radical concept
to live deeply happy
filled up
between homes
because less is more
and you are not motivated by money
but driven by the impact you make
because you love yourself enough
to have resources
and ask for what you want to receive.
That is the way to a place of L-O-V-Enough with a capital E
You are BRAVE and BEyoutiful beyond belief.
Choose love, real love
Love yourself
It’s you without the full STOP
Holding back love
is no more an option
than it is a choice.
I hope you CHOOSE love
Loving you
I do.