Have you seen the video that went viral with the father “Ommming” to his distressed baby?

It breaks my heart to see this –

and the long term effects this early coping mechanism is going to have on her unless it is resolved slowly and spontaneously to get her back into a space of secure attachment and self soothing.

Time does not heal, it conceals”

To the untrained eye this may look cute and effective but as a trauma expert you may notice that this baby goes into a possum aka playing dead trauma response because our physiology needs to feel safe, connected and soothed through kind eye contact, touch and words.

Please, please don’t do this or leave your baby to cry to sleep. Their little brains go into shut down as they cannot run away or fight and this sets them up for adverse childhood adversity and heath issues later on in life.

In my work healing at the level of the nervous system over the past 15 years I have seen many clients through my processes come back to a healthy neuro modulation through somatic response and integrative body mind regulation.

If you are interested in support in healing your own unresolved childhood trauma, depression, infertility etc or have a child that is living in a hyper aroused fear state of shutdown or agitation that often shows up as learning difficulties, inability to settle, anxiety and a myriad of health issues
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and let us together raise the awareness of how to grow healthy, conscious, happy kids.

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and lets change this epidemic that is so prevalent in so many families by first knowing that non of this is your fault, early adversity and ACES just have not been taken seriously until now. My main focus is a functional integrative approach that includes somatic experiencing, chinese medicine

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and please, please do not use TRE for any complex, chronic early trauma like early adversity, surgical or any system or situation where the nervous system is not regulated or the external environment does not support safety to feel or be in overwhelm because of the way we are raised. Most people do not have a mental map to navigate these complex releases and integrate it so the system will blow up or shut down.
It was developed by bercelli for use in war torn countries where people were bombed and hurt not early developmental trauma cases.

When we heal deep wounds of abandonment, shame or neglect the sharing response does not work so NO.

It is very important to look at all these new age methods with discernment and alignment to each and every individual person and their experience.
Well meaning people are hurting people by using the latest hot trending modalities with no background grounded in physiology like EFT, like Access Consciousness body tools and clearings, like QT or TRE.

Mindfulness and meditation have their place but again needs to be used in an aligned environment when there is secure attachment and a healthy nervous system BEFORE you begin asking your body and mind to be still when it is freaking out due to unresolved trauma. We have become so enamored with routines and perceived control to keep us sane and managed that if you are using any of this as a practice you HAVE to do then it is a sign that nothing is actually shifting and that there is spiritual bypassing and nervous system imbalance going on.

We need lots of permissions and a safe container in all healing work

Please ask questions before you work with anyone claiming to have a quick fix and educate yourself properly.

Here is a response from my clients on that video

You don’t have to do this alone – I am evolving into my work all the time with you.
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It is my dream and mission to educate/give to grow/integrate and gain/heal a kinder planet where you return to love and make a bigger impact in the world together.


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