Hey beautiful
Happy SundayToday is the day I turn 51 …
51 orbits around the Sun
51 opportunities to live better
51 reason to grow into a meaningful lifeI also weight 20 kilos more than I did when I was in my 20’s
and some days I judge the weight of me
and other days I appreciate I have more substance
more weight to the greatness of me
better….It is Sunday and my birthday.
I have passed the half century mark and
wonder at the miracle of having lived for so long
when I truthfully have never made aging or numbers more significant
than my heart.

I have always felt the wisdom of the people in my world
from an intuitive space, not a conclusion of a calendar age.
The numbers only matter as much as we make them matter. 

The things that matter most usually don’t have numbers attached to them. 

I used to never take time to appreciate the beautiful privilege of being me
I did not pay attention to the absolute wonder of being alive in this body
I never wanted the fuss or allowing myself to celebrate my birth
until I nearly died 16 years ago.
I took my life for granted
I was not grateful –
until I nearly died, gave up the ghost,
left this physical plane.

Today, I appreciate that I made it through another 365 days around the Sun.
That I woke up and got to experience the adventure of another day
Another breath
Another experience.Because we only give a shit about the stuff we haven’t accepted about us yet
Getting to love bits about ourselves we are still in resistance to about ourselves.

I can’t measure the kindness that pours into me when a single soul speaks up to say
‘thank you’ for doing my work in the world,
or the tears that flow when I’m in the presence of a person telling the absolute truth,
or the magic that fills a room during moments at workshops like Shadow Dancing or
retreats like Journeys on Ancient Soil
or when I’m with friends
and we’re laughing so hard we cry
or when I read a poem and it fills me up with light.
In numerology, 51 is a 6. It is also the year 2017,  6 + 1 = 7
and 7 happens to be my lucky number.
As a child I never knew anything about numerology,
I just loved the number 7.

“Number 7 resonates with the vibrations
and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’,
faith and spirituality,
spiritual awakening and awareness,
spiritual enlightenment,
spiritual development,
and inner-knowing,
psychic abilities,
the esoteric, inner-selves,
deep contemplation,
introspection, eccentric,
understanding of others,
natural healer and healing,
emotions and feelings,
and perseverance,
persistence of purpose,
the ability to endure great challenges,
the loner,
the non-conformist,
independence and individualism,
visions and dreams
manifesting and futuring
beyond time, space and good fortune.”

I look at each year on my birthday as an opportunity to go
to living
than the day before

Deeper down
into my heart, spirit, body
to get to love  and be loved
to hold myself a little bit more gently, compassionately,
to uncover a new layer of my medicine,
my souls desires
and to give myself the space to appreciate
and honor what I just journeyed through,
grown into
and given over the past 365 days,
and 51 years of Being ME.


So that others can grow better into that part of them as well.

And then I reflect on this…

What is being asked of me to live into my legacy?

What am I being called to step into?

What aspect of my “small” self is ready to come more fully into the service of the “BIG self”
to contribute to the collective WE
of Unity Consciousness?

What is the purpose and the calling for this next 365 days of
as Me going to look like as my precious life?

This year feels as terrifying as much as it does exciting
Bettering in a deeper level of self appreciation and ownership
of my personal dreams and desires.

I have an awareness that everything that has challenged, hurt
and transformed me
what has transpired up until now…..

has prepared me for the next phase of growth in my personal life
– for my growth partner Thalia who turns 11 this year,
and also for my Tribe

to bringing more powerful containers into my medicine I came to contribute to the world
and also where I resonate with that inner frequency of light within myself.

51 feels like a year of expansion
(My word for 2017 was Surprise)
It feels like joy,
of allowing myself the full abundance of my life,
with emphasis on allowing
to be pleasantly surprised by more
effortless grace and love.

It feels like giving myself more permission to sit with
fear and love it
(we spoke to sitting with pain and emptiness and fear
within the 28 Days Active Appreciation Challenge
I gifted to you as my thank you for YOU – my birthday give back

I am asking that I lean in to BRAVE,
to feel the worthiness of who I am in the world,
who I am as a being,
as human KINDNESS,
as a medicine guide,
an animal advocate
an ethical cult builder
a mentor,
a teacher
a friend
a love warrior
and as a woman
who walks beside women
rising UP together.

There is a deeper sense of truth in my ownership and confidence of my path,
knowing I have gained strength and resilience
that I have softened my heart
passed a test of sorts
and continue my rite of passage
to be the best version of myself I can be
to step into my legacy
evolve out loud
and elevate the wisdom and teachings
that is my responsibility to share in the world.

I have already felt and witnessed that in so many ways
through what I have been creating with my tribe
with my animal work
with my daughter
with my business as its own life force.

I believe that birthdays are an opportunity for us to allow ourselves to receive
the blessing of our own physical presence on this Earth plane,
to give ourselves space to appreciate and acknowledge our choices
to be part of the this big tapestry called life
where we each hold a precious and vital thread to the evolution of Humanity
and to let ourselves tune in,
go DEEP DOWN and listen to our hearts calling
and witness the dance of gifting and receiving everything.

Each year on this day, I take some time to be with nature,
my animals, my child
mama Africa,
with my journal,
and just let myself be open to the gratitude of my life,
that I am alive.

Our birthdays are a day where we get celebrated by others,
and it can sometimes be an uncomfortable energy for us to sit in.
I know for myself receiving love is sometimes overwhelming.

This is a day that I am conscious about letting it in,
letting it wash over me and then letting it settle in its truth:
that I am seen, valued, held and loved deeply in this world.
EVOLVING out loud.

It is a day where I get to put my heart and eyes to the sky
and get excited about the next leg of the journey,
to ask to be blessed a
nd to be open to where a deeper expansion of self is ready to be rooted through me.

It is another layer of wisdom to be added,
another place of knowing
and another year of opportunity and possibility
another big messy, beautiful experiment.

And, of course, it is an opportunity for me to be moved
and to be in deep appreciation for the bounty of abundance I have around me…
including gratitude for having you as part of my tribe.

One of the most amazing gifts in my world is my tribe,
the people that have chosen to follow me,
to be inspired by my wisdom,
to witness my journey
and that take me on as a guide and a mentor.

This is my most precious space that I honor
and hold so sacredly within me that I feel blessed and privileged to hold.

I am moved to tears by the honor you grant me,
by what I get to witness in you,
by how lucky I feel with the amazing women and men that walk this spiral path
with me and allign with what I bring in the world.

I am truly blessed.

So, on this day, I THANK YOU
for all that you are and all that you be
to me
to the world.

Thank you for witnessing my truths,
for allowing yourself to be witnessed in them alongside of it,
for the bravery and courage you have in your deep down heart spaces,
in seeing the reflection and mirror of yourself in my journey.

I cannot adequately put into words where this touches me,
but please know that it does.

I never take for granted the trust and the resonance others feel with me as I step into sharing more authentically who I am in the world and the gifts I bring
and how I watch you have the resilience, love and  courage to do the same.

Thank you…

In deepest gratitude and honor to both myself and to you…

Always your love warrior sister



The things that matter most often live beyond words and measurements and can only be felt.  
So maybe today, let the numbers matter less?

Let your bank account be your bank account,
not your measure of your worth or your success.

Let your thighs be your thighs and your merits be your merits
and your joys be your joys without trying to improve or change or shape or optimize or hack them.

Just for today. 

Just for a moment. 

Just because the best parts of being alive are so often intangible delights that can’t, f
or the life of us, be captured in words.

You. Can. Be. Freaking. Brave. 

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