Are you living in a delusional reality or the real world?

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I am clearing out spaces for new and wonderful things to come through
both physically and energetically
I want people here to belong to a movement
people READY to commit to move back into their bodies and hearts
to connect
go deep down
access their True Nature
as an extension of source energy
who know what they are doing

Yes, perhaps I am Living a delusional reality of what freedom is

People ready to jump in
know what feels good and what feels off
Ready to let go of all the judgements
resistance and reactions
of all past thinking

Ready to access their inner guidance system
make themselves their #1 priority
to not make anything bigger than themselves
Ready to say NO to the old stories and addictions

to fear
and fighting
and delusions
that we cannot be the CHANGE.

I have always lived in a “war zone” of one sort or another
as my commitment to turn trauma into dharma
fear into freedom
deliberate creation….

and I will continue to do my own work
mess up,
make mistakes,
screw up
and keep going
because I choose to live in a world a lot of people think is
La La land delusional fantasy –

Some people think that I have lost my mind
staying optimistic that we can create a world where
we collaborate and co create
fully embodied
beyond competition
and all the chaos
and crisis
and emergency
that is going on out there in the “real world”.

Thank you for staying if you stay,
and if you leave,
I love you,
thanks for the adventures
– its been a beautiful ride!

to deep down,
real connections
based on love
and co operation
and freedom
and liberty

for all life
on this beautiful planet.

Lets create and live a movement of LOVE together!!

P.P.S: Regular “bowel” movements deep down there.
The evidence is ALL around you.

Doing the work NOW
where SHIFTS happen
as a reality not a fantasy.

You are love not what loves you.

You have to stop looking for lovables

because thats who you are.

It’s Independence day in America tomorrow

And as much as there are people celebrating what
freedom and liberty means on this 4th of July
It is also a day to remember the contrasts of life
the ebb and flow
the expansion and contraction
of life and death
of grief and loss

I am grieving the loss of something deeply personal
Letting go to make room for something I have no words for
…. a rite of passage of sorts

I am also celebrating the birth of my most precious growth partner
and daughter Thalia on the 6th
11 years of ebb, flow,
up, down,
expansion and contraction
and so much in between…..

Things are changing

There is work to do

and room to occupy

new states of possibility

Only I know what that will look like.

For myself.

As only you know
what you know
for you.

So, please give yourself a break
stop forcing yourself to get aligned
Tread gently on your tender, sensitive body
Rest when you need to rest.
Move when you are ready.
Just start loving you

and STOP

Just stop….

the knee jerk reaction that you

don’t know whats going on in your body.

You are the creator of your own reality

and I love that.

It’s all there is
and always will be.

Not To Know
It will Kill You.

You know what to do.
You always do.

Right now,
You know what’s
the next thing to do

or to stop doing.

How can you pretend
not to know?

Practice, probably.

Surrounded by hesitators
and procrastinators

It’s easy to settle into
the tired refrain of
w a i t i n g

Waiting for someone
for a signal
for a sign

Waiting for perfection

Waiting to get it right

as if such a thing were real



Whose right or wrong?

The drama of “real life”
is an illusion of out there
rather than in here
feeling the fullness
of your
deep down.

The very words
imply a state of ended – ness.
A stage of completion.


No such thing, baby.

Only your ideals
which you constantly
attempt to measure
yourself up against

How’s that going?

Comparing yourself
to the manipulated imagery
and fake ass front stages

Of the glossed over
insecurities that
hope you won’t see

What about real?

When’s the last time you
opened your mouth to cry
so hard your body shook
like a ship in a storm


On a starry night
tilted your head back
and laughed at the stars
taunting you to reach them

Just feel
Open yourself
if you dare

Stop pretending
not to know it’s there

All of it

The pain
The guilt
The blame

You don’t go through
life without picking up
some of that stuff

But no amount of
well meaning helleluliahs
or Poc, Podding 🙂

Will ever destroy the fact
that you are an
A lighthouse.

Extinguish yourself if you must.

Play small

“Fitting in”
to survive
is sometimes
a useful skill
to keep yourself

It may have been necessary then
no longer necessary.
Everything is temporary
Not set in stone.

Because you’re not
here to hide or play small

Abide by the rules
else made up
for their
not yours

You are a creator
and a good one at that

So stop pretending
not to know.

Start training your frequency
to rise up

And just go ahead
and love yourself
because it’s the only

way you can
love anyone

What’s it costing you?

Could you just start moving?

closer to
to freedom

Happy Independence Day

Celebrate your power to choose
That’s freedom

No more complaining
No more excuses.

Just you
and me.

Celebrating you
every day