Can you check in with your heart for a moment and speak as the AUTHOR of your own life?

Can you stop being like a dog who runs around in circles for ages, looking for the right place to
have a crap and just start already?

Are you leading from trust,
are you living out loud
following your heart
so that you are aligned to your
soul’s mission, vision and purpose to create a sustainable,
thriving business and impact others in the process from these 5 A’s?


Do you dare to be Audaciously FULL of yourself ?
and I don’t mean surface stuff
– not regurgitated information
or some version of a made up story

– I mean deep down truth telling,
the real, raw and AUTHENTIC YOU in your story?

Your phD of life experiences that Berne Brown speaks of as
“Daring Greatly” at all costs….

Even if in the beginning like a hosepipe that hasn’t been used for a while
at first there is a lot of choking, spluttering, spitting and gagging
then the water comes out brown and dirty
and then it settles down
and a steady stream of water starts to flow.

Every time I show up to speak
I feel like that hose pipe……
a couple of leaks,
a few kinks that need straightening out
a little more tap opening to get more momentum and movement going.

The only difference however between me and the hose
is the hose just knows its a hose
made to carry water from the source to where ever its aimed to deliver the water to.

It is predictable in its delivery –
it knows its function is to carry water
and sometimes there are bits of stones, or rust or mud that go along with it.

Unlike people, it has not point of view about elegance
or how awkward, clumsy or imperfect its going to look
or what the stuff it carries along with the water looks like.

It just knows its a hose
and it does its job of being a hose.
It does not try to be anything else
but a hose.
Through wear and tear it may have a few cracks that have been patched
a little mud here and there
it may not be all shiny and new any more
but it continues to serve as an efficient hose pipe
even it its a little banged up.

People follow BRAVE hearts who have battle scars
that are a little banged up and weather beaten
who aren’t afraid to show up just as they are
and share how they lived to see another day
better for the growing pains and challenges….

Siri and google can give you any information instantaneously.
It’s your job, to be a source of experiential growth
based on what your BIG why
not a system of hows
that comes as a by product of growth.

When you can own the value of your area of expertise
in serving others from how you
lead your life as your own AUTHORITY

-when you generously share the INSIGHT
and wisdom you have gained through your own pain
and process
-when you grow your heart based

BRAVE business in a way that
feels good and inspires others to LEAD their own life
– from action and impact.

That is living in to your LEGACY.

It feels clumsy and messy when you start,
because your Ego mind wants you to get it right,
wants you to be “liked”
deos nto want you to be judged or rejected
and so it wants you to play the limitation game
to keep yourself small,
based on only what it knows kept you safe in the past.

But when you just start,
love the fear that arises and keep going,
your mind realizes you are not going to die
and gets out of the way
so that you can access DEEP DOWN
and speak from your True Nature
to what wants to evolve out loud
through you!

I know from the questions and vulnerability,
the willingness to
grow from the women

I get to serve in private
or inside of my group programs like BRAVE,
how confusing

and overwhelming old school “marketing jargon” can be.

For highly creative, sensitive intuitive that are deeply
rooted in their purpose

that hustle, impersonal marketing feels really heavy and sleazy.

I want to share in brief to what I know about
Heart selling as opposed to
mainipulative marketing today,
that will hopefully simplify some of the overwhelm
that can come from designing a “marketing plan’
or what I prefer to call a pathway to purpose mapping.

For sake of what we know I will continue to refer to heart selling as “marketing”

Heart selling  aka conscious marketing can be divided up into two major categories

 Attracting and Cultivating.

It’s important to understand the difference so you can design a marketing strategy that’s organized and strategic.

Attraction Marketing is when you add new people to your tribe,
generally by having them join your email list.

This is classic “Nurture by nature” marketing (you can learn more about the feeding cycle of life  in my 5 Elements to flow in life as business here)
where you’re aiming to find potential pollinators for your uniquely fragrant flower.

Examples of Attraction Marketing are:

  • Speaking and teaching
  • Networking
  • A free online class
  • A free downloadable guide promoted via Facebook ads
  • Guest blogging

Cultivating Trust Marketing is what you do with people who have already said,
“I so get this, I like you,” and joined your tribe.

The main strategy here is sending emails with valuable content
and trainings to your peeps so they can get to know, like and trust you more
and find out how you might be able to help them with their problems.

Then, when you start to invite them into your new class or retreat,
they are more likely to say YES because they know you better.
Notice I said invite not sell…..

For example, my cultivation strategy includes:

  • Long bits of wisdom in newsletters like this

(I am a Gemini and short is challenging for me!)

  • Content-rich Blog posts (I can re-post these outside my list so that they

also serve as part of my lead with generosity and magnetic attraction strategy)

  • Occasional free classes just for my tribe
  • Guest blogging and speaking live or on summits and podcasts

where we share a common desire to make the world a better place.

Of course, there actually isn’t a choice here; 
we need both for a successful business.

But it’s important to understand the role each moving part,
plays in your business,
and when to focus on what.

For example, most people who sign up to join your group programs
and retreats are actually already in your world.

People rarely sign up for a big commitment without knowing
where they are in their
and its up to you to make them aware of why they keep spinning their wheels
and seem to be stuck in a constant cycle of lack and scarcity no matter how
good their systems or funnels or marketing is…..

Instead ask yourself:
“how can I be a creative source for change rather that looking for a system?”

When you can hold space for them to get uncomfortable
with what they are feeling
and connect with you as the one who can give them the
solutions they are looking for
(whether that be from a FB live, a consultation call,
being on your email list for a while,
or taking a free class from you), then,
and only then can transformation take  place.

So it’s important to do Attraction Marketing way before your program
starts so that people have had a chance to get to know you through your 
Cultivation Marketing,
and are thus more likely to sign up when you 
share your offerings to your email list.

This is why it gets easier to gain momentum
and invite people into your containers and spaces
and access your offerings over time…
your tribe grows,
people become more familiar with you,
and at some point…

they get to know, like and trust you enough to commit to their growth
to invest in themselves
and choose you to support them in closing the gap from
where they are now
– to where they want to be.

And this can take time.

That is why the foundational pieces I teach through my
Healing Trust Process are vital to sustainable
consistent growth.

most people quit on their dreams
and the world loses out on your insight and wisdom.

Make sense?

Remember that mindset is key.

Without all 4 levels of COMMITMENT
nothing will change.
Until you change your mindset
take action
and be accountable for your own growth
you will stay stuck thinking you re the thought
not the creative authority of your life.
The acorn, instead of the big beautiful, wise, oak tree.

So, I am curious to know….
which level of COMMITMENT do you need support with?

You don’t have to go it alone,
you can go so much further with support
from someone who has been where you are
and truly gets what makes your heart beat YOUR way.

Let’s talk NOW!
because you don’t have the luxury of time
-the world is waiting for you and your gifts,
not someone like you.

Not a copy cat.
The real, raw, authentic BRAVE you.

Don’t keep those people who are looking for you waiting any longer.
It’s time.
Just start…..
The how will come when you just start
move forward.

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