“If you prefer to suffer, go on believing your stressful thoughts.
But if you’d rather be happy, question them.”

Life really has a way of shaking you up,

and I know how painful experiences have the ability to motivate
you to do something MORE with your life.

I remember when asking myself to question my decision to not want children,
what I was so afraid of?

I had to really re-examiine my old stories around having a child
so I could hear the voice of my unborn children.

I knew it was more than taking on that personal responsibility to bring a child into the world –
there was a selfish part that did not want to
that screamed what if I screw this child up?
It won’t all be about you anymore –
this is bigger than everything

and then there were the old stories of blame, shame, regret and guilt
of a past that said “No, no, no it’s too late,
you missed your chance
don’t go there…..
You are too old –
what if she has Downes syndrome
what if she rejects you
what if………..”

and then the quiet voice of truth and love whispered back to me

“Your love lives beyond conflict
Your growth partner is waiting for you
to enlighten you
and it will be through your child
choosing you
that you will heal and grow your own inner child
and you will grow her
through conscious choice
PRESENT moments
one step at a time
and it won’t always be easy
but it can be simple
and beautiful
in loving everything that arises
a little poke here
a little jab there
a little giggle
in the perfection of the mirror
that when you want nothing from anyone else especially your  child
You are safe for anyone to be with.

Can you believe it true that the Universe is dreaming through children?

And so at 40, I said yes to having a child

I committed to doing the best I could in growing a sensitive,
confident child as best I could.

That she would show me how and what she needed from me.

I realized that no one really knows what they are doing. 

That only I, like you gets to choose
to be the best we can be in every moment
with what is available to us
in what is going on in our heads
and what is REAL……

In all relationships
especially with our children
to Mother with Great Mother
as our legacy in physical form.
That’s why I was so thrilled when Toni Black told me she was hosting an interview series all
around rising above painful experiences
and using them as a catalyst to recognize your truth, passion, and purpose to heal the world of
first for ourselves and in our relationship with others to heal themselves.
It’s called:

Live Out Loud!

How to Connect to Your Truth,

Discover Your Passion and Purpose,

and Use Your Gifts to Make a Difference!
I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.
You can register using this link.

It is an audio series, so you can listen in your car on the way to work, during your workout, while doing dishes, etc.
This is for people who want to make a profound difference in the world around them by examining your own difference
as a unique, extraordinary gift of difference.
You will be learning techniques that you can use right now!
21 WORLD CHANGERS are unifying to help each other satisfy this calling we have to
make this world a better place through our gifts, our authentic truth, and our passion and purpose.
Registration for this event is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can register using this link.

Again, you can listen from virtually anywhere!
This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who is looking to make a profound difference in the world around them.
This is something I wish I had when I was 16, pregnant and alone – ashamed and terrified, when I was faced wit narcissistic abuse
and did not know how to leave, when I sat on the cold bathroom floor in a mental hospital wanting to die…..
Which is why I am so glad Toni is hosting this and that I get to share my spiritual awakening and why I chose to live through adversity
and serve others who have known loss see the gift in grief and turn their trauma into dharma.
I believe that when you question your stressful thoughts until your intention is a match for your heart
– you truly evolve out loud and leave the world a better place than you found it.
You can register for the Live Out Loud Summit here.
I will meet you there.