I have been in a sort of healing crisis since I fell of horse on my birthday end of May.

I broke two ribs on my left hand side and as painful as the downloads and insights have been to so many questions I was asking it’s been a brutal

and beautiful calling to go deeper down into my heart and just be with ME. To stay in my body and as I ask animals, ask my own animal body

“Are you with me? Do we have a conversation?”

Like i would ask a child or a friend or one of my clients who come sit by, on my Compassion couch, I had to make a choice to leave or feel into the pain.

I knew this was an opportunity to inspire responsiveness to move forward in my life, in my intuitive connection with myself, with my family, with my clients

in business to see in myself what was creating incongruence, to find a way to attune to more harmony through trusted co-operation.

After 3 weeks of being woman down with a virus and losing my voice completely,

I have gotten rather anxious, looking like a horse for “how do I do the ‘right thing?”

and not shut down into learned helplessness

and withdraw from my world which has been in all honesty terrifying and unfamiliar.

I realize how much I speak my thoughts out loud in this space of enforced silence.

It has been from quiet in my deep down –

I have had to listen.

Like a horse who feels it has no choice, I have wanted to self abandon

and leave….

Instead I am staying the course, getting into a new space of breathing, listening to my body mind from a space of

present moment

calm and stillness in a busy mind and push pause long enough to listen to my heart.

Trusting my body and I are finding a new way of attunement where there is no force

only a willingness to do what i want to do with my body.

So ask yourself “Are you with me, body?” and then

listen and respond to that.

Suspend judgement as a practice of your faith in something true, common, and bigger than today.

because avoiding conclusions can be a monumental act of love.
You just never know what’s going on underneath the self sabotage,
the “bad behavior” of others
including your animal companions
So ask “what is required of me from a space of compassion right now that will create trust and presence to this thought/person/animal?

“Have compassion for yourself first so that in turn you can have compassion and love whatever comes to you from everyone you meet,

even when they don’t want it.

What seems conceit,

bad manners,



or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen.

You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.” 

– Miller Williams

I’ve been to enough ridiculous self-help workshops, heard enough stories in airport bars,

and had enough one-on-one conversations about so-called “success” to know that there’s a story behind every demeanor.

I’ve kept my own pain hidden in plain sight and thought,

“If they only knew.” But you just never know…

Until you ask and want to listen to your own inner horse, your child or your partner

“Are you with me?”

and then compassionately honor the yes or no

without willing it to be anything other than it is

when you feel into that you can heal yourself, your relationships and your animals

You will build a better relationship

by wanting to stay in your own company beyond good or bad.

and stay with YOU.

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Stop searching for answers outside of you,

come back to the heart, to your wild animal within

and be present there in the quiet and listen.

You know what to do next.

Are you with me?