I kept my promise to take some “simmer” time with Thalia this week and thanks to
automation I am keeping to that because, well I promised myself some slow time.

How come you will keep appointments with everyone else BUT you, your body, your needs?
If you can’t trust yourself to honor your own commitments, how can you expect anyone else to?
It is a subtle form of abuse and I am begging you to just stop.

One of the most important jobs you have is to keep your promises to yourself.
Take your diary right now and book out time for YOU – no exceptions.

It’s easy to make exceptions when no one’s going to notice;
no one’s going to hold you to it;
hold you accountable
no one’s going to be angry if you don’t.

t’s easy to say “I will do it just now aka no specific time in the future,
pretending you’ll get to it tomorrow,
or that it’s the least important priority on your list.

But every time you tell yourself you’re going to take the jog,
write the blog post,
start the thing,
try something new, and then you don’t?

You start to recognize yourself as a liar.
I know it well and underneath the excuse that I am tired
In truth there is always deep grief in one of the 5 STAGES of GRIEF
there I am,sad, pissed off, angry
because there is a lot of things out there to be “tired” about.
“I’m tired” can be a false story that keeps us from our power for change. 

I’m pissed off on a regular basis. I think that’s an appropriate response to the times we’re living in.

If you’re tired, be tired and LOVE that.
Rest and LOVE that.
You’ll get back to rising when you can. But…

“If you’re all kinds of radiant, and you’re simultaneously enraged at the state of affairs
— then mix that energy and drink up.
It’s the fuel you need for the work you want to do.”

Danielle La Porte – White Hot Truth

Soon, if you don’t resolve the hidden trauma of anger turned inwards
of unexpressed grief
little nicks get gouged into the side of your confidence,
your body says NO
you get sick….

because if you can’t even do this one simple thing,
what makes you think you can do this very big one?

It’s not about promises—it’s about truth
radical self love
and visible proof.

Because every promise you keep,
shows you that you’re a person who can be trusted.
And sometimes, having that evidence is critical to overcoming,
especially when we don’t necessarily believe we can.

So just for this moment ask yourself
“what is the irrational fear behind you not doing the thing you promised to do for yourself?”
“what don’t you want to feel?”
“truth is this tiredness or something else?”

Go there…
and then go book yourself
simmer time,
time to love
time to grieve
and then to do some radical self appreciation time.

Then when you are ready
take some action to UPGRADE your fear and turn it into fuel.

Stop rejecting yourself and go deep down,
listen to your heart
ALCHEMISE your own fear

Give yourself the experience while you are feeling the fear
because on the other side of that is freedom.

Love everything that arises especially the thing holding you back
from your greatness because your Soul does not care about what is convenient,
your Spirit
Your True Divine nature cares about alignment
and what’s aligned will often feel inconvenient to your ego.

Feel the grief under your anger,
stay there
and there move forward
so like Zebras who know the power of present moment rational fear
they don’t get ulcers
– neither should you

“Wild animals run from the dangers they actually see,
and once they have escaped them worry no more.
We however are tormented alike by what is past and what is to come.
A number of our blessings do us harm,
for memory brings back the agony of fear while foresight brings it on prematurely.
No one confines his unhappiness to the present.

He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary
– Seneca

Enjoy the potency Thunder moon energies, as we enter the Lionsgate 8:8 portal
It’s time to stop putting your life, dreams and desires on hold.

Much love and appreciation for you


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