How often do you find yourself trying to speed up recovery,

get results, understand when you are not ready to trust the process?

Can you believe it’s August already?

Reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies August Rush
“All you have to do is open yourself up,
All you have to do is listen”

and then trust, trust yourself.

Over the years I have watched this movie over and over again
(slight crush on Robin Williams I am totally attuned to;-)

– it’s a great reminder of how to rediscover our ability to fully engage in how to live beyond the edges
– live into our gifts and follow the music
– dance the dance and find ourselves again through TRUSTING in our aliveness.
To trust our intuition, follow our own truth to express what motivates and moves us.

And for me re examine what I really care about
– restoring trust in ourselves, in our physical bodies
and that the world is a “friendly” and compassionate place.

Back to those edges.
And rest.
And the balance between them.
Honoring the dance
the ebb and flow

Apparently, I’m waxing a bit poetic today…
(could be all the time I have spent out in the field with my horse teachers!)

Looking back over the last two months since I broke my ribs on my birthday
and then coming down with a huge unshakable bout of laryngitis 3 weeks ago
which forced me into silence, I have bumped up over and over again at more
of my edges.

I had to postpone some speaking engagements, move my private clients and the hardest of all
listen to my deep down, uncomfortable spaces too see what wanted to emerge through me.
I had to keep asking my mind and my body
“Are you with me?”

And honestly at times it has been as frustrating as trying to herd kittens.

I have been stubborn at times, hitting up against these prickly edges
getting all hot and bothered until I could get really present and really listen to what my body
was trying to say…..
When I did, I cannot say I loved it which made me laugh at my own stupidity.
if my body was a dog, it would have run away from me a long time ago.
(I am so sorry body for leaving you again 🙁

Just as I teach others to listen and trust their own bodies,
to listen to their animals and apply the 7 core principles of integrity and attunement
I teach in my Trust Process

I set myself up to practice the work by seeing the gift in the
pain, conflict and shut down that have been my constant,
patient and ever present companions.
(like the horse teacher who gave me a well overdue lesson in
taking a dose of my own fierce medicine and slowing down to attune to what needed to happen without force)

So, 2 months into an enforced “healing crisis” had me hitting a few well-defined edges:

One edge burnt my adrenal glands to a crisp (pardon the pun – I got that on my visit to Knysna after the fires)

another edge turned my immune system to mush (that caterpillar in the cocoon phase I so wanted to rush)

and another edge of my own madness, was giving voice to old anger
that had me loving what is and is slowly, very slowly
returning me to fully trusting the value of the
7 Core principles of the Trust Process.

Spirit was not going to let me skirt around the edges,
I needed to apply the work on myself and listen
before I shared outwardly.

It’s been excruciating to go again, again and again
all the while sitting in the “waiting room”

And finally last night I could feel it all shift into a new place
a home coming of sorts
that is my own return to trust…….my sweet spot.

I’m not bouncing back quickly from my brush with burn-out.
It’s more a slow and steady limp with extended hours of deep sleep.
My voice is still croaky.
I am not quite ready to speak outwards.
I’m in full deep listening mode with my red, hot and holy Soul.
I’m re-inspired.
It feels good.

The auspicious Lions gate 8:8 portal invites us
as Linda Kohanov, author of the tap of Equus says:

“To become a student of the horse – rather than a calculating, disconnected master
– is to master our own predatory tendencies,
reclaiming our original calling to move beyond instinct in partnership with nature and
tap into our potential to become visionary leaders capable of rallying the endlessly evolving,
fully conscious forces of a truly empowered herd.”

This extended stay in the listening of my “Unquiet Mind”
is the invitation of the Lions Gate Portal to return to a deeper level of self TRUST.
A huge bow of thanks to my support team and masterminded inside of Elevate
for holding me in the vision of how powerful my work truly is.

You can receive the energetic healing transmissions of the lionsgate
portal here.

Trust, as I am that as our voices gains strength, depth and nuance,
we become far more confident, more comfortable in our own skin and enjoy our lives more fully
–– we also become more magnetic and approachable, allowing us to truly do what we’re here to do.

So I have a little something for you this August in honour of achieving that whole balance thing
and of the fact that my work actually energizes me (most of the time),
I wanted to open up some paths for you to restore your own TRUST in yourself
and the world.

1) If you’ve been wanting to do an Light Me Up day with international, award winning photographer Emma O’Brien
and I but have been limited by funds or time or something else,
for this August only I’m simplifying these one-day retreats
for anyone who can book in during the week.

They will still include:
two energy work sessions with me (one before and one
during the day to help you feel your most radiant),
hang out time with the horses in Kyalami,
a lovely organic  lunch,
and a photo style shoot  with Emma
You will be personally styled aligned with your Signature Style profile Lynn Deckers
and Lauren our lovely make up technician will enhance your natural beauty
– your hair will be up to you.

They will be about an hour shorter (approximately 12pm to 4pm) and significantly less of an investment than normal,
given the shift in the offering.
If you’re interested in booking a day just for you this August you can contact me here

2) Book in some personal time with the horses if you are ready to “Be herd”  Because I am gathering testimonials and figuring out how to bring the transformation of The healing Trust Processes out in a bigger way, your 2 hours with the horses will be cheap as borscht (well, maybe not quite that cheap) but I can guarantee your time with the herd will bring your rejuvenation to a whole other level.

Message me to chat more about this opportunity to deepen into trust and available dates.

Join up and attune to the voice of the horses like this –
No horse experience required.

3) It’s a perfect time of year for a check-in.
If you have been thinking you or one of your animals is needing a little bit of a tune-up,
I would love to see you!
At this point, things are fairly flexible and I’ve got a bunch of new somatic release body based tools to share with you.
As always, I can do phone or Skype sessions if you live away.
If we haven’t worked together, I can help you return to trust and resolve old issues in your tissues keeping you stuck.

I’d love to see you, if you hadn’t noticed that by now.
I love sharing this powerful TRUST process for those of you who understand the animal connection,
and who are needing rest, healing and a bit of dirt between their toes so they can keep shining their light into the world.

I am just an email away if you have questions.

Perhaps I will see you in the next month!

And remember this:

When you are attuned with what you or your animal can be present with,
then you can trust you are being the best that you can be
– without pressure
– without force
or wanting more

Returning to trust is where the music of love, gratitude and appreciation lives.

I will meet you there.
Are you with me?

Much love


PS: Join me on the Nourished Momma summit starting on this powerful Lionsgate portal 8:8.


We will explore how to use this purest form of ourselves to clear outdated self-beliefs
and to untangle trauma to liberate our soul voice, our truest expression of our Self 

For many of us, using our “naked” voice, fully and without inhibition,
feels quite vulnerable, which is why so many of us hold back in some way..

Yet, once unleashed, this truest voice is POWERFUL.
Whatever we’re trying to create in the world, our voice is our most important ally.

Join us in restoring trust in yourself as a woman, a mother, a nurturer so that
you can enter into a deeper,
truer self expression through working with your body
and mind to release any outdated self-beliefs and emotional wounds
and return to trust.