This past few weeks I have been feeling awful and quite off.

Ugh. I cringe even typing that,

let alone actually admitting it!

But it’s the truth.

I lost my voice, had my body shut down my monkey mind
and remind me to take some well overdue slow time.

As a recovering workaholic it was seriously uncomfortable to
feel my inner most thoughts that left me feeling less inspired and 
driven as I usually do in my business.

In those dark moments, I’ve even struggled to get out of bed in the mornings,
meditate or create new content.
I had a temporary loss of excitement about
my life transformation healing Trust process and

wonderful LIVE EVENTS like this

collaboration with Transcendence faith-er and life transformer ivonne Delaflor
and international collaborations
I have been so wanting to invite you into.

All of this happening, while I kept my commitments and worked with a full practice

and growing my private facet clients
own businesses.
I did have to postpone two sessions and a speaking engagement because I had zero voice,

which for a Gemini, rattled me to the core.

I know part of it was being sick with laryngitis, and there was also a lot of
trepidation about the enormity of what I am taking on and if I am the one 
to deliver it with the love and attention it deserves…..

I am happy to say, I practice what I ask my clients to commit to and
I was able to love the parts of me that are human in the fear and doubt

– to be gentle as I came back into a whole new level of playing the

game of life full out.

I had to take ownership of

“Who am I NOT to be the steward of this?”

I got back into my morning pages and meditation,
I got more detailed in my
futuring and receive the gift of the “dark spaces”
urging me to slow down,

juice fasting, sleeping more and asking myself, 

“What the heck is going on underneath here?”

When I finally got still enough to listen, the answer was crystal clear.

I’ve been SO BUSY emerging myself in the work,
that I’d gone off course and lost my way.

I hadn’t made time for PLAY!!
I haven’t made time to read my pile of new books,
I hadn’t made time to listen to some new audibles,
like Psychocybernetics 

or say YES to new adventures and invitations
to play for the sake of playing
without trying to get somewhere else.

I sloooowly relaxed myself into a “still space”,
a creative-LESS abyss.  

And there was something comforting
and unnervingly liberating in the
dark and silence in there!

Can you relate at all?

Have you ever been there too?
(please tell me I’m not alone!)

Once I realized I was exactly where I need to be,
I knew what I needed to do.

First I had to see the gift in that luminal space
and just receive it for what it was,
a space where what was no longer mattered and a space where what wanted
to come through, needed some moist, warm, damp gestating time
before it pushed its way above ground.

Then I had to ask:

“Is it time now?
Are you with me?……
and so I waited (rather impatiently at times) before I responded,
took aligned action.


I had to change my environment.
I had to get out of my comfort zone.
I had to ENGAGE with nature as healer
and the real world as teacher
and I had to step away from behind the computer.

So I did a few things:
1. I committed to resume my morning pages

2. I stretched into 30 minutes longer in my meditations

3. I started to sit without a time limit amongst the herd of horses
and just be witness to whatever arises in my mind
and which of the horses came to be with me and help me course correct.

4. I made set appointments for myself to be with the books,
my daughter and the trainings I so LOVE to indulge in. 

5. I booked some opportunities to CONNECT with other entrepreneurs
IN THE REAL WORLD who hold the same vision to rise above the chaos
and support each other.

6. I got back to weight training and juice fasting after 6 weeks off
with broken ribs and
then laryngitis and my body is loving it.

And it continues to expand my world,
strengthen my resilience,
my creative juices
and my TRUST muscles!  

I’m feeling like my best self again
– and enjoying my life, my clients and new projects

So how does this all relate to you?

Well… you see #5 above?

The part about “connecting in the real world”?

I have had some crazy moments where I wanted to run back into my cocoon

and take refuge from the crazy –
it felt so unkind
but I knew I had to stay in it,
really feel everything visceral in my body
until it changed.

I am CERTAIN that we all need a little of that contrast to deepen into trust,
faith and grace that life is delivering exactly what we are asking for.

TRUST me on this one….
The intensity and pain of the old stories falling away
is a temporary space of necessary growth.

– It will fuel you.
– It will inspire you.
– It will push you beyond your comfort zone.
(Yes, we all need that fierce medicine when we least want it!)

So here’s my offer: I want to invite you to step out from behind your computer

and join me with the horses, for a day of play, refueling and inspiration and 

“Being Herd”

– click this link and I will send you the date and the details.

And NO you don’t need any experience with horses to join up with these amazing

horse teachers. You feet will be firmly planted on the ground. 

I want YOU here, with ME and the magic of horses even if it frightens or intimates you.

Here is what I want to say about TRUSTING yourself and the doubts that may be

coming up for you right now:

You should feel intimidated by the depth of your work,
what calls you to face your shadows
and also who comes to work with you,
because that is what is going to refine you
and have you show up even more powerfully in your calling.

I also want to reassure you that you are meant to
follow that uneasiness, the fear factor of new work
wanting to come through you,
and that you are qualified to be the channel to honor that.

One of the things I am reminded about all the time is that I am not the only one that is

holding space for people when they come to me.
I trust that I am supported by my ancestral and helping spirits,
the nature spirits, as well
as my cats, dogs and the horses that are always there
reminding me and my clients to return to trust
and the presence of an abundant Universe, God,
the Divine that never leaves us.

I often get intimidated by the strength and success of people who want to work with me,

that often have credentials, material wealth in the multi millions and many thriving companies

and I wonder why they would even be seeking out the work I do.

I take my life purpose and my work very seriously, I know the power of
energy medicine,neuroplasty, animal medicine and the trust process.
I also know the power of intuitive business, right relationship and attunement to the nature of all things especially our animals.

Even though I was born into a family of champion sportsmen,
the performance anxiety never really goes away ever.
And I know the value of healthy tension
of taking risks, stepping into the doubt and fear that I will be able to be a contribution,

give value and transformation for those that seek me out.
It keeps me innovating and out creating over and over without attachment to how its going to look.

I care, and I put a lot of pride in my work.

You have to trust that the “deep down” part of you,
the wise woman within
doesn’t question your value,
the power and the essence of who you are
and what you bring to your spaces.

If someone is seeking you out, trust that there is a reason for it,
greater than what you or they think its going to look like.

If you are intimidated about owning the scope of who you
want to work with,
thats a sure sign that you are aligned with your mission,
and purpose –
it means you are on the right track.



One of my clients who worked with me for over 12 months, came

because she was burnt out and tired with her work
and she dreamed of being able to step into what was really
calling her…..
beyond the fear and false sense of security of working for a big corporate.

She presented herself as unclear of what she really wanted
or what that would look like as an entrepreneur

but truthfully it was because she was afraid to the leave
the nest and take a leap of faith in her own abilities to thrive.

Our work together empowered her in identify who she was,
trusting in herself to serve the women who were already
seeking her out at her day job
and claiming the scope and depth of her work,
– who she wanted to work with and then stepping into it
with a solid foundation built on the 7 core principles of
the TRUST process.

She has gone on to launch herself as a transitional coach for other women who are

feeling trapped in the corporate world to launch
their own 6 and 7 figure consultancy firms and agencies.
Within a year she has grown an international brand
because she has claimed the legacy of her work
and has had the best quarter of her business this year
– all while doing something that she loves
and is aligned to where she wanted to be.

An affirmation…

Follow the nudges and empower yourself in keeping open the doorways to those you are

really called to hold space for and are seeking you.

You can hold that space.
Trust that.

Together we can do some pretty amazing things when we are in the same place, at the same time,

surrounded by horses who meet you where you are at and show us the beauty of being heard.

Horses never lie, they show us where we are stuck in the lies and blindspots and self judgement of stepping into our life’s work.

Horses present us with the opportunity to be in our own vulnerability, and personal power because they see our armor with love and compassion.

 As you stand with horses, you will be presented with a life changing opportunity to connect with your heart,

have the peace of mind to
meet your desires and return to trust.

In an effort to feel safe, the horses will reflect your truth and empower you to focus on what you came

here to do from a place of intuition and truth.

For the first time, I’m opening up the invitation for you to learn the revolutionary,

healing TRUST process.

You will leave the day and re-enter your life confident
excited and lit up
and able to gift this process to your own animals and people in your lfe.

You will leave trusting that you can give your life,
your relationships
and your business the clarity, patience, focus and growth it deserves.

You will eliminate the big fat “yes But”, loneliness and stress (especially if you’re just starting out)

so that you get out of your own way
and STOP feeling stuck, overwhelmed and burnt out.

Over the course of an inspiring, love filled day wth the horses,
you will be “herd” and empowered to move forward in trusting
that you know what you have to do.

We’ll dive deep into:

  • attuning you body and mind with your deepest desires

  • focus on aligning your soul with pragmatic strategies

  • to organically grow and scale your business

  • without the overwhelm.

  •  trust your intuition and your physical body to guide you back to your hearts calling
  • how to create safe boundaries in any situation

Whether you want to have peace of mind that you growing

your family or your business
or deepen in to open communication and

trust so your horse,

dog or cat or child wants to be with you
or master launches like the big players,
or get the most out of your natural talents and assets
or craft content without dropping the ball on everything else,
you’ll get exactly what you are asking for even if you don’t know
that you are – you will receive all of it.

Best part?

Because of the warm and intimate nature of this event,
you’ll enjoy grounding with Mother Earth
you will be heard by horses as your teachers
you will connect to women who see you
and even if you’re a chronic introvert,
you will create your own space within the safety
of the horses to truly come alive again and
be seen and heard by the people looking for you.

Can you feel the call?

Back to your heart.
Back to trusting yourself,
Trusting the horses as your medicine guides
the women who will meet you there in your rewilding?

That’s why tickets to the  Being Herd are highly coveted
and WE WILL book out.
So don’t wait – let’s connect into the nature of horses, 
your own inner horse

Hit me an email and I will send you all the details – the herd is waiting for you

We all have moments where we need someone to call us forward, to point out our brilliance

and move us beyond our

blind spots so we can anchor and manifest our dreams and our purpose more brilliantly.

You know where to find me when you are ready
and if you are feeling called to come to the live event,
the horses and I welcome you to be heard and seen
in your truth.

I hope to meet you soon in Kyalami, Johannesburg for
this life changing
1 day workshop with the horses.
It’s time to ‘Be Herd” and to celebrate you own magic.

Otherwise, take this as an affirmation and step
into what is calling you back to trust yourself,
even if it intimidates or frightens you a little,

I hear you, do you?