One of the greatest holds on keeping us in impossibility thinking is being lost in logical thinking. We say we are logical people, but most, if not all, of our decisions are emotionally based. When you can feel those feelings in your every fiber, you begin a shift that starts cracking the foundation of impossibility thinking as you begin balancing and leaning towards possibility thinking.

Change starts one step at a time, and when trying to change we want to change as quickly as possible instead of asking, “what is the most efficient way to change?”

I call it saraegoing…. it’s at the 17 minute mark if you don’t want to listen to how animals show us to be present with what is

instead of worrying about the worst case scenario of what could happen.

the what if, to act as if it has already happened in every minuscule detail of my best interests

If we start at impossibility thinking, to shift the balance to being in a better position we need to step towards possibility thinking.

We go from saying “I could never,” into finding better sayings such as, “well maybe it’s possible, what if it were possible,

how could I make that possible,

wouldn’t it be nice if…”

You are doing two things here:

1. You are looking towards a new direction

2.  And you are actually physically changing your brain.

You are working to create better neural pathways in your brain (better roads) to help you

towards the destination you desire.

When we start thinking more towards possibility we then can begin a small shift towards probability.

Where we once said, “wouldn’t it be nice if…” we begin to say,

“I know I can find a way, there is a good chance I can, the odds are in my favor…”

Act as if, the best possible outcome has already happened.

The power of neuroplasticity, is the more you Sarah-going the more things attune to that frequency you want.

I spoke about how to play with this powerful exercise here:

It makes law of Attraction and vision boards look silly.

remember energy goes where energy flows

so act as if……

And the greatest step you can make is from probability to certainty thinking.

There is NO other way except what you put your full attention on.

And while this is a beautiful place to be, it will be the hardest place you will live.

People who know this place in their mind and in their life know that the path to mastery is

—hard effort is what makes it easy, but easy effort will make the pathway hard.



to awareness, the hard/difficult effort I’m speaking about is the effort of being present, being mindful, being awake, and being aware to the moment.  When we stop and ask what really matters right now…we will usually find ourselves aligning with the most efficient direction we want to face…but that is where the hard effort comes in.  Total awareness, being awake is a full-time job of working to be in the moment and not be on auto pilot.

Being awake is the pattern interrupt to mediocrity and complacency in your life.

I‘ve found that it helped me to begin taking control of my life by stopping the cycle of claiming I was the victim of my circumstances or the people around me…and it gave me the courage to own every place I decided to be in my life. It gave me the courage to own my thoughts instead of allowing the negative ones to bombard me.

Bad thoughts and uncertainty still come into my life, but there’s a big difference now…

I now understand my happiness and success is derived on how long I focus on those thoughts,

or do I choose to pivot and focus on where I want to be.  I am the author of my life story, and you are too.

Let us relinquish any negative thoughts from taking hold, as we let go of playing the victim of our circumstances

…and sarahgoing

act as if

and then rest cos rest is hard and necessary

and something my future self and yours will thank you for

less busy and more focused

stronger in boundaries

stringer in your deep down

brave beautiful sensitive bits

so ask yourself

•How can I make it possible? 

• probable?


How do I trust myself, trust others, trust in God/ Universe/ Divine


Let us be BRAVE from the inside out, and change the direction we are facing.  I am looking forward to doing this work with all of you.


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Comment below and let me know how things begin to change as you use the sarah-going exercise

and realize the worst case scenario is not true.

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