Tonight, on this powerful eclipse we are being invited to
return to trust
in yourself
in your body
in God/Divine?universe
in other people
in Life
You are not here to “get over it”, you are here to stay in your body

and give it the respect and commitment to feel everything in your body.

Let your body catch up, heal on its own time. Your body needs

permission to have it’s own experience. Go at your body’s pace and stop

beating it up and making it wrong just because your mind ‘got it”.

Consciousness when it is in harmony with source, is a reflection of how

source treats the body. So what relationship do you have with your body?

Illness is a rite of passage to get into right relationship with your body in its most

dire moment of need. Attunement and alignment with trusting others, starts with

you trusting your body, that it deserves your respect and patience and honoring.

I livestreamed yesterday on my FB page about
our responsibility as leaders
in this time we are living in and playing our part.
I talked about feeling your feelings and taking a
stand for what you feel is right, especially when it’s uncomfortable.
What re you putting out into the world
What you have to GET
or what you want to become.

It’s not easy being a leader. But we don’t choose leadership.
Leadership chooses us.
And it’s not for the faint of heart.

Do you truly believe that you are worthy of love,
worthy of connection,
worthy of something incredible
and not from NEED.
You have everything you need –
if your external environment is not reflecting that
“What do I have to let go of to be present with you,
not your addictions, not the “I can’t trust….”

If you are sensing the magnitude of this moment,
trust that right relationship
will show up in your life when you JUST stay and work on yourself.
Help people know that you are trustworthy, dependable.
……and remember that it is the physical body that came here to feel everything that
you as the consciousness of all things already knows.
We came here to feel t ALL on the body’s terms and conditions and the body will
heal when we show it the respect it deserves to be here to have a spiritual journey
in the body – so treat your body well and just as I teach in the Trust Process,
go at your body’s pace – it takes longer than you mind to integrate you are already
enough – trust that and allow you body to be as broken and as imperfect as it needs to be. Thank your body for feeling that way and allow its process so you can honor the process of other people.
That is TRUST.

Last night my cats brought in a tiny little fruit bat
– he rested gently in my hand, as I ran the trust process on him and gently thanked him for reminding me to go into the dark. trust in my intuition,
and intuitive process to return to trust that I am supported by the higher realms and the path to purpose. To really LISTEN and answer the call, to get the TRUST process out into the world in a bigger way and be patient.

When he was ready, he took flight into the darkness, knowing exactly where he was going
into the direction of the West, the Heart and to freedom.
Bat medicine was exactly the gift I had asked for to displace the darkness and return to the light within. I spent the rest of the evening going deep down, presenting with the Trust process,
into the cave to experience this gift from bat to revisit the past from my future wise self.

Bat medicine stayed with me today, on the precipice of the Eclipse coming.

And I took Bat medicine with me as I helped Flic Flac, a horse ready to release years of abuse and pain through the Trust Process.

And he let go as we both faced the direction of West,
the Heart; is the place of our deepest wounding.
It’s where we carry the pains and traumas of our past.

My heart also felt the life force energy of a beautiful dog Nala leave
– she was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and
been completing her work here with her humans over the past
few day and she told me she was ready.

Her work here is done and she did an amazing job.
It’s never easy to say goodbye to our animal companions,
we miss their physical presence,
but using the Trust process, alongside animal communications
-thanking them for their time with us,
the joy, the love, the lesson and telling them that they can go now,
come back if they chose to us in a different body can change
everything for them and their loved ones. I had the honor of meeting Lala
and her pack when I was in Michigan and my heart is filled with so much gratitude
and sadness for her human Meagan who I know is very sad right now.
Thank you for giving Lala a beautiful life. Allow yourself to feel sad,
until you are done, if you are feeling sad, lost or overwhelmed right now. Feel it in your body and cry until you are spent. Grief cannot be rushed, it deserves to be held and felt deep down.
Here is a different point of view on death here.

The problem is we have been taught to bury our unexpressed emotions and domesticated animals
who are so sensitive to the unseen like Flic Flac, when they are so shut down, don’t know 
how to release all that pent up tension in a healthy way, so they wind suck, or weave or
get colic, cancer and other disease – and its heart breaking to watch unless you can help them in the present moment with the Trust process,
to let them know they can be peaceful with this and let me hold that for them.

We’ve not been taught how feeling our feelings safe.
Horses like Flic Flac, the obedient horse,

the shut down horse, the animal that does not feel heard is no different. When we close down our hearts and mis trust ourselves, our body’s natural impulse, others to support us, we get sick,
depressed, anxious and it does not have to be that way when we have a safe container to feel, 
identify, let go and integrate the change.

One of my mentors Dr Gabor Mate synchronistically dropped this profound reminder 
on why I do the work to turn trauma, addiction and depression into trust and a purpose
driven life of freedom from shame here. we live in a society that denies pain
not acceptable to talk about pain to deal with pain we have to look at pain that engenders most vulnerable sensitive people
I agree with him that we have to look at ourselves and ask the hard questions
that come back to how we are making choices.
How we heal this great separation sickness and trust again that we are never alone.

” Power is the ability to accept change” – MLK

Watching the shenanigans of Zuma and Trump, it is easy to see how we have mis identitfied
“power over” as potency and resist, to mistrust that each of us has something unique and important to share to lift up collective consciousness

We have not been taught how to trust ourselves –
that there is nothing to hide,
nothing to prove
that we are enough
that we can unburden our hearts
and lighten our “load” to be free to fully love and be loved. 

There is no short cut to  returning to TRUST.
You have to go into the shadows,
you have to feel so you can heal
through not trusting, through grief,through denial, fear and anger before you get to the pain.

You must trust in the power of your beating heart,
dive into the depths of your shadow part
the abandoned child 
so that you can bring forth the gifts of your sadness, your loss, your pain.

Your capacity to trust in your JOY have always been there
– they have been forged
by your pain, your broken expectations, your betrayal and abandonment.
You must feel it to heal and return to trusting in yourself
having faith in the Universe
and your legacy to be in your True nature
Your aliveness.

Things are going to suck sometimes, it’s how we grow through it
to create our own safety
– by seeing the gift in pain,depression and anxiety
There are always going to be losses, pain, broken expectations
but the good news is that you don’t have to stay in obsessive, addictive
self thinking and worry about what you are missing, don’t have any more,
what we cannot control.

Through learning how to stay calm and present through the healing Trust Process
you will find the meaning of life, what matters to you and what you came here to give.

The first ever 1 day Trust Process workshop will be coming to Joburg end August
so if you want to help your animals, help yourself deepen your relationship and heal
then watch out for the details. if you would like to book a private Trust session for
yourself or your animals in person or via Skype, I cannot wait to support you.

If you have been waiting for a sign that you are exactly where you need to be
take these gifts from Bat medicine, from Nala dog (God in a fur body) and the Eclipse tonight as affirmation
to keep going deeper into trusting the unseen, energetic support available to
you at all times – all you have to do is ask.

And when you are ready, you know where to find me.

Deep appreciation and love


True commitment involves deep TRUST, in where we are right now.
It involves a turning inward, a hanging upside down like Bat medicine, a slowing down inside. We don’t postpone our life by staying hidden, drowning in self abandoning, self judgment and self medicating –
hopping on the surface, deciding your are powerless to choose to
have a better life and trust that it is your responsibility to be more and do something magical with this one precious life you have.

The time is now.
The power of choice is yours.
What are you going to do now to turn trauma into trust and triumph?

Dive into “Returning to trust – from fear to faith and personal freedom” with me and Ivonne Delaflor next week as we support you turn fear into faith! The treasure you will find hidden there will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams!