Happy Spring if you live in the Southern hemisphere

– the jasmine is blooming and the scent
of expansion and heat is in the air.

If you are in the North, September 1st symbolizes the time of contraction

and celebration of harvesting what you have sown.

Where ever you live, let’s make the last 3 months of 2017 count.

What is your excuse to not make your life and the world BETTER?

Someone told me today I look tired
I am
I am also committed
To make a difference
I am committed to educate myself
I am committed to take aligned action
So yes
I am tired
I take my work seriously
And 2 or 3am bedtimes
Are normal for me
If that is what it takes to support my clients
To show up and serve my clients
be a lifeline when their child is sick,
when they are going through a huge life transition
when they are ready to
Build their own conscious business
Regain their health
Start movements
Help animals in need
I will do what it takes
to answer that call.

Of course do it in a way
That after a launch
An upgrade
A new creation is birthed
You take time to rest
I will JFDI

My business supports me in a way I can take a week to go

#payitforward to a lion sanctuary like Emoya
or a month to recharge with my daughter and just be with her
or when I need to just write on my book undisturbed for days
Because my life is my business
It’s where my joy lives

I used to say
I will sleep when I am dead
I know better now
I take time to restore myself
After a stint of working into the early morning to meet my targets
And see the results of my clients who are committed
to follow their hearts and thrive

It’s not always easy to do
But it’s imperative to the health of your business
Your money flows to
Take care of your physicality

Because without a strong healthy body you cannot
do the work you came here to do.
Following your feminine intuition does not always look rational
to your thinking mind or who who want convenience and predictability
And it will scare the crap out of yourself
Trust in yourself
Tend to your internal garden
When you do follow those intuitive nudges
Those dreams become reality when you
Trust in the Universe to set you up
Not UPset your rational plans
You will exceed what you thought possible
So lean in
And listen
And then consistently
So that when resources show up in the craziest of ways you
Recognize them
As opportunities your right mind
Could never fathom

In practice this looks like knowing
– who you are,
where you excel,
what you do best and enjoy most,
how you work on all 5 levels of commitment
– energetically,
and mentally,
what your offers truly are from your Souls knowing
your True Divine Nature
– not just putting something “out there”
for a quick buck with no conviction
or because that’s what your business coach said,
or what your friend who is successful does
or what you ‘think’ will make money.

Trusting your self to get curious about who you are
training, growing, stretching yourself
is an ongoing discovery process that you can’t avoid
if you want to have the kind of fulfillment you deserve.

It looks like loving yourself
– trusting yourself even when fear shows up
becoming less attached to what others think
because you have come home to your heart
A place where you create your own safety no matter what.

When you TRUST you know that this is bigger than you,
even when you don’t know what or how its going to look,
where you love who we are,
even if everyone else thinks your crazy,
or too woo,
or judges you as living in Lala land,
a space where you rise above your own inner saboteurs
or nay sayers because
– you love yourself
and you don’t need the approval of anyone else.
– nothing to hide
– nothing to prove

That is TRUST, it looks like being PRESENT
– hearing those God winks,
– being brave enough to trust your gut
so that when you get an icky feeling
from that person
you say No thank you
Not today
you don’t take on someone who is not aligned
as a client,
you don’t hire them,
work with them
or date them
– because rather than check out
or numb down
or avoid
or have blind faith
or run from that uncomfortable feeling,
you listen, you ask
Truth is the most loving thing I can choose
for my body, my business, my life and the collective?
and then you acknowledge it and respond to that.

You listen to what your wise woman,
the Universe is telling you.
You trust those feelings
and attune your self
– go toward what feels expansive,
raw and real.

Until you can truly own these pieces your life
and businesses you will always feel resistance and struggle.

Work will feel like suffering
and you’ll settle for less than you can do,
be and have in every Area of your life.

Your love life,
radiance, connection and abundance will all be impacted
until you truly “know, like and TRUST” yourself.

So get really curious about YOU.

TRUST you are enough, remember who you came here to be
who you really are,
what you are HUNGRY for changing
love your soul,
investigate your enneagram,
your human design,
your birth chart,
your passions,
your voice and commit to your self and your art.

We are trained to look at what we will LOSE
rather than what we will GAIN.

What if….
we see challenge and obstacles as
our growth partners to be better
live better
make a better world?

You and I both know what would improve your life
if you just stop the “what if” game of doom
and irrational fears our mind plays with us.
When we let the old stories die
you won’t die,
TRUST me on that one
I tried and tested that a Godzillion times
I flipped the what if game
and like me
when you turn it around
– you will come alive.

Its not your fault…..
we are programmed to avoid pain
and move towards pleasure
and somewhere in the fear
– in the old belief systems
– in the association of what we have lost,
– how painful it was when…..
things did not turn out the way you envisioned
so you stopped TRUSTING in yourself.

So today might be a great day to sit down
and ask,
“What do I really want in my life?”

“Why have I not been progressing faster?”

When you explore that question
you might discover loss,
process and outcome pain at work.

You can flip it and focus on the gains,
the joys
and the positive outcomes.

When you start doing that,
you’ll find yourself trusting your intuition,
getting further ahead in life
and you might just find that life
fully supports you.

Need a little help?
I have 3 spaces available for
the 8 week private Pathways To Purpose intensive.
You will find all the details here
and to celebrate 1st September its only $850 instead of $1200
for 8 weeks of magic, manifestation and purpose mapping
your way to abundance and fulfillment.

When you TRUST you came here to live into your
purpose and legacy with the courage
joy and conviction you were born with,
you won’t need to ‘try’ to attract clients,
they will be drawn to you
and reflect YOU back
– so they will stumble upon you,
feel drawn towards you,
innately trust you,
and reflect your integrity and values
to trust themselves
by feeling safe to invest in themselves
through you to get the transformation they desire.

If you’re ready to stop the constant outside in approach
to do the inner work
and create joy in your business
If you feel ready to receive personal support
to create a life you love,
more money, beauty and fulfilling your soul’s calling
then you know where I am.
I will meet you there…..

Great reminder from Gary Vee here,
To Trust in your abilities to create your
Living legacy

– Louise Hay lived a rich
Incredible legacy and worked it
To the age of 90.

She lived and died well
She chose to heal herself
and impact the lives of millions of people
including me.

I choose that
I hope you do too

I know the impact and value
Of turning trauma into triumph
To trust yourself
Know yourself
And above all Live yourself
Enough to get your work out in the world
Now more than ever
Age has nothing
And everything to do with
Applying your knowledge
Your years of life experiences
And your learnt tools
Are there for you to use to your advantage
It’s never too late
To create a brilliant
The power of choice is yours

When you are ready
You know where I am
The world is waiting for you
And what only you have to offer the world
And if you feel called to tap into your Purpose
and come alive again in your business
then join me here

and if you are inJoburg and want to learn
how to use the TRUST process
for yourself or your family or animals

The 1 day BEING HERD – with the horses
workshop is happening 24th September.
Spaces are limited so PM me now
if you are being called to come home to your
heart and thrive being YOU.



Isn’t it time to live into BETTER?
lets make the last 3 months of 2017 count.

Love and to your best life
Sarah- Jane