Please remember, no one is born wanting to be sick or wanting to hurt or harm others. It is our environment, how we are nurtured, how we are cared for

… that creates our reality, our health, and what it means to experience deep goodness.

Dr. Vincent Felitti, uncovered one of the most important findings in medical history: the link between early childhood adversity/abuse and chronic illness later in life.

Listen to this incredible heart speak from Dr Felitti
and then share it with everyone you know.

The study is called The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, or The ACE Study for short.
You can start your journey back to TRUST, and help yourself
heal by knowing you are enough
whatever happened to you is not your faulty
and you can live fulfilled, healthy and alive.

Find your ACE score here:
here: http://accessurtruenature.comacetest?cf_id=188

and when you are ready,
well you know where I am.

I spoke more about how to turn trauma into triumph and trust here.

While you cannot make the trauma disappear you can transform through it and live a fulfilled, healthy life.
For me, I know that I would not have been able to get through it on my own, I know the value of support is the healing.
 Please know you are not alone. You can create secure attachment for your inner child,
and then support your own children and others to return to trust
and right relationship with life.
If you are curious about creating safety for your abandoned child parts you may want to listen to
this 2 part training