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I am enjoying the heat of Florida and some slow time with my sister, her gorgeous Golden doodles Cooper and Beebe and the horses. They are loving the Trust Process and watching Cooper dog, let go of some anxiety he was carrying for my sister got me thinking about how powerful a mirror our animal companions can be for our unresolved trauma and old patterns.

If I were a dog, I would be a Border Collie or a Grey hound – sensitive, head tripping and often highly strung.
If I were a horse I would be a warm blooded stallion with a huge zone that often collapses when I pick up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I am a high performer, I am very analytical and thrive off of novel experiences. However, when my life gets out of balance, these very characteristics turn me into a big ball of anxiety!

If I don’t get enough sleep, don’t meditate or exercise daily, or don’t have enough creative play time, I get really off kilter really fast. I find my heart beating rapidly with worry about things I can’t control. Making decisions becomes harder and even noises startle me more than usual. It is one of the most uncomfortable sensations I have experienced.

I go to great lengths to feel into my body before these anxious states have me running for the hills by pushing pause in the Trust process, using the vagal toning practices aka crazy humming and orienting myself to my environment so that I can tune in to what is irrational or rational fear and then follow my body’s nature impulses. All the strategies and tools I share with my clients to stay grounded into the physical body and returning to trust.

Like myself, many dogs and cats experience anxiety to some degree. They may bark excessively, potty outside the litterbox or simple hide in the corner trembling. Often times our pets don’t even show us how anxious they truly are.

In honor of all the dogs, cats and horses out there who live with daily anxiety,
I have written this article with some of the ways you can neuromodulate and calm the nervous system.

Our animals deserve to be comfortable and relaxed!

Just like a good run can help my inner dark stallion or Border Collie, your animal companions can have peace of mind and maintain a healthy immune system  with just a few simple steps.

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Sending love and relaxation to you and your furry friends!


And whilst you take some slow time over the holidays wth your furry friends, give this meditation a go with them. The best way you can help your animals is to help yourself and meditation is something my animals love to do with me.

I will be offering some live, fun and in person meditation and Doga flow sessions when I get back late December, so if that is something you would like to explore watch out for the details of the next meet up in Joburg. Your dogs will love you for including them in your movement practices.