Happy full moon in Sagitarius

– time to trust what you know and have faith in what you believe to celebrate how far we have all come with a renewed sense of faith, trust and unwavering belief in your True Divine nature meeting the Universal divinity of all things.

Phew, such sweet relief and so much appreciation to my body, my support team and deepened trust in the Universe that not only did I make it through the rain, I danced with little deaths and small contraction pains = all to ease into flow

-a little more gently through another 365 rotations around the sun
and the moon and the Earth.

Here are some of the “revelations, hot, holy and achingly brutal blessings
that I received from this real, raw thing called Being Human.

I spoke about my annual ritual of writing

Permission slips in the video  (as the author of my own life, spelling into being more of what I desire and less of what my egoic self believes is a necessity that is actually just old programming, carved deep upon my nervous system.)

Here are my non negotiable stakes and anchors to stay the course,
that I re affirmed for the year ahead…..

1. Devotional self reliance – no half baked, soggy bottoms physically or mental emotional blubbering – postponing the inevitable just to prove myself wrong or right. Doing what I say I am going to do, when I say I am going to do it – all for me because well, that is exactly what love would do to honor the light in me. My hormones or lack there of, adrenal burnout, losing my hair
alongside niggles from my neuroma – respect. It’s a very delicate balance of patience to trust the body knows what it needs and actually supporting it.

2. Respect my own boundaries – now not later because it is not funny, it’s totally fu*kd to use words to spell in alchemical fires and the put them out with actions that contra indicate my own dose of fierce medicine.

3.Intimacy -More integral saneness – more tuning in, more listening to my body and following through – less of everything else because some jokester, prankster energy is just not funny when it involves self sabotage which ultimately leads to tragedy rather than resilience. (and in all honesty, not making my health my #1 priority has me sitting here writing you with increasing pressure on my head – the tumor is yelling and affecting my vision in my right eye to the point where everything is a blur and I have been putting off booking that appointment for another MRI and ophthalmologist check up – insanity I know and time to stop messing around and JDFI.)

4. Permissions to hold soul sisters closer not tighter and in doing so, protect the sacred vault to demonstrate more compassionate listening without getting sucked into drama driven situations. Hold your friends close. If you can’t find the funny in it, yer fucked. Laughter fuels resiliency—if you can crack a joke in tragedy, you’re going to be alright.

5. Belong to the joy and excitement of the what if’s and  dance with the light rather than playing down high vibes for fear of getting hurt – no more delays on satisfying the Soul’s calling to jump on joy like a 2 year old -limitless, ecstasis ‘cos the present is all we have got!!
Just be with what is happening right now and trust the next wave of transformation will come from that space.
Your body is never “attacking itself”. That’s one of the most damaging myths of modern medicine.

6. Trust you are enough. I know who I am even if others judge me as something I am not, it won’t kill me, don’t kill with kindness put love in their instead and stay committed to play full out and serve generously.Compassion can be excruciating – it’s the true nature of YOUR medicine.For those fellow travelers who run into burning buildings with you to save kittens – never let them go, they are few and far between on the human KINDness ladder to more lightness of being.

7. Stop chasing the money, you miss the gold in you as your self generating resource for better. Be flexible, follow your North star and you will thrive. Say yes to abundance so you can contribute to the causes that motivate and move you – care even better, now!

My requests this year have been many including demands, strong ones:

– To truly see (truth, beauty, who I am, what is).

– To connect with and amplify the voice of my own knowing.

– And to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me.

It wasn’t until I was forced to slow down, that I realized the insanity of how I had been running my life. What I thought mattered that doesn’t. Whose beliefs were dictating how I was using my sweet (numbered) days.

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately I’ve spent my life rolling my eyes at.
The hippy dippy willy wonder stuff.
Not only meditation, mindfulness and lots of TRUST processing but also…

Healing the deeper layers of mother/father wounds and the abandoned child (seriously!?)

Forgiveness stuff (boooooring but oh so liberating a choice)

Delving into some really old anger. (Man, do I have some anger boarding on raging!)

Sitting with sadness.(That noise of grief it sounds terrifyingly wild & primal)

Creating space for the divine by being your own divinity to your medicine.(You have to push pause on the world – often )

The thing is, it’s actually never boring or icky at all. It just feels required.
Life giving.

It purges out of me.To make space for the lightness of being.

It makes me feel less separate from everyone and more like an actual person,
who can create space and be present to care intensely.

I wanted to share this with you because the deeper I get into my own process,
the unravelling and unbecoming,
the more I think about you and yours.

It is a strange journey… this being human thing.
And the full moon always brings out my crazy, lunatic, soft bits and pieces.

And I am continuously in deep, deep –
Appreciation – thank you for being an integral part of my life
– my desire to belong to a tribe of love warriors who smooth the way

through the particularly gnarly life lessons and elevate the blessing into better for all.
You have poured so much liquid light through my veins this year and you matter to me more than words can decribe.

All for love
on being,

Your friend and medicine woman
your trauma recovery specialist


PS: Write your own permission slip – your lifetime pass to better, to true belonging to yourself and as a steward of others commit whole heartedly to your Soul’s purpose of being here now.

Here is part of my very red permission slip to play full out no matter what.
I would love to hear yours – share your braving wild woman permissions

Be a light warrior and SHARE this around your circles ‘cos you can!

“Dear Sarah-jane

Nothing to hide,
nothing to prove.
You are more than enough.
Trust that you are.

You no longer have to explain yourself…

To anyone.




No why.



You know.
You choose.
You fuc*d up
You survived
You practise.
You did.
You are.

That is all.


You now have a license with no expiry date
to enter all conversations happening on this planet.
Without invitation.
Without credentials.
Without permission.
Without apology.
To comment.
To question.
To contribute.
To poke.
To love.
To run like the gate got left open.


You may say what is true for you and let others work out their own discomfort.
Or not.
Their choice.
This slip comes with unapologetic out creation  to:


Love your body

To stand alone

To f_ck things up

To have nothing to say

To change your mind

To not be sure

To get it wrong

To be terrified

To slow down


To disappear from the path of great importance.

And reappear on the path of wherever you are.

To accomplish nothing noticeable.

To play my Rav drum off key
and howl at the moon.

To sit very still.

To wear yoga pants

And slippers



To pay change fees on airlines because you havre changed your mind.


To break all rules that never applied to you in the first place.


To compare yourself to nothing.


To care. Or not care.


This pass comes with total credence to be all the “toos”:
Too happy, too lucky, too confident, too rich, too connected, too enthusiastic, too talkative, too full of myself.
…..too too too.

Consider this a life time pass to do whatever the fuck you know you must do with this beautiful life.

Permissions granted.

Go already, the Universe has your back.
For it is yours.


And you know.


I trust your instincts.


I trust your heart.


You can’t get this wrong.


Permission to play full out

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Grieve well, live well so you die well.


Yours in trust and love