Forgiveness is the most powerful gift you can give to yourself

As we head into Gemini and my birth day month, with my North node (why I am here) in Scorpio – the theme is Forgiveness and Rebirth.

The card I drew to anchor in my 2018 desires and alchemical futuring
(using this guided activation and the process I did together with some of you back in December) was from The Way of the Horse medicine Deck by Linda Kohanov.

The medicine of breath

– to connect more deeply to the intelligence of the heart through non verbal 6th sense and inter connectedness.

So as always re-aligning to what the Universe wants to use me for, it is my delight to invite you to join me for 28 days of Love Invocations, shamanic rituality and manifestation with horse medicine.
(I am born under the sign of the
fire horse on the 28th May
so what better way to give back than to ask you to say YES to journeying with me for 28 days and donate to one of my charities

only $28 to Highveld Horsecare in Johannesburg.

Together we will meet for 28 minutes for 28 days to remember and renew our self love in communion with loving whatever arises with lifetime access to return to at any time.

Together We will fill ourselves up with love and abundance and:
  •  Nurture our own hearts, explore and commit to how we can step into the power of self love, and recognize our divine origins will measure how well we can love another as our self in another form.
  • Connect deeply with the mysteries that this emissary of the feminine, water power sign Moon holds. 
  • Call up the source of your creativity, fertility, and powers to destroy what you have created in the past and dance with your ability to heal yourself from the cellular to the cosmic levels. 
  • Deep dive into the shadows and claim the gifts of the dark
  • Set new, healthy personal boundaries
  • Forgive yourself and heal the Mother/ Father wounds
  • to be authentically youpermission slipWrite out your intimate and loving
  • and more, much much more love, light and connection within a closed facebook group where you can go back and revisit the daily prompts, journalling exercises, meditations and cheatsheets to craft your own book of magic, miracles and manifestations in a tribe that sees and celebrates you.

    because I can and I choose to give more generously
    …..and this rich, warm, deep and powerful  Scorpio moon is asking you to go out into the night and return renewed and refreshed – having touched
    something deep inside you that nurtures and nourishes beyond the needs of the physical body mind.

You will call on your ancestral helping spirits, your allies, your animal guides to stand with you at this great shifting, illuminating time of personal expansion and evolution. 
You will learn to ask and receive help. Tremendous support is available to you for the asking from the invisible world when you soften your heart and return to TRUST.
With Saturn trine the Sun in earth signs, it points to getting your life in order on the physical plane, taking those courageous steps that give you peace of mind and stability in your day to day life and free you up to move on your creative ambitions.  
You will learn to trust and ground your physical body well, to better process the frequencies that are bombarding you and keep you out of mental spin…”
You will learn with each turning of the Moon to hold your life as a choice and a precious gift because you are.

As we remember our sovereignty to return to love
and trust in our own fragile humanity over Freedom day

Remember the power of
True Forgiveness sets you free.

Full moon in Scorpio invites
us to answer the deepest
callings of the soul.

Needing to face the end of what we’ve known
but not knowing how to begin.
Prayer opens us.
Guidance is readily available.
But the key is listening.
And being willing to let go
to allow the river to flow
and shape the new
valley ahead.
We can sense the freedom
of that alignment on the other side,
but first we face our fears.
Labyrinthine pathways hold the promise
that awaits on this passage toward alignment
with deepest part of our soul.
For getting to know our deepest Self,
is what this journey is all about.
The more truthful we can become,
the more empowered we will feel,
and suddenly…
a loosening of the grip,
and into the unknown,
new places of discovery
we’ll go…
But first,
Anchor into Trust
of Self,

with the purity of love,
and ease.

A Gentle Reminder:
The next time you find yourself whining, complaining, and sniveling just push pause and open to compassionate enquiry!
 Think about the gift of your healthy body mind, choose to actively appreciate everything including the trials and tribulations and transmute them into your golden gifts you came here to share with others.Feel the real, raw, red hot holy shit of it so you can heal. Forgive yourself for being so judgemental and unloving to yourself and your sweet body. Thank it. Bless it. And then get back to living your life as joyfully and fas vibrantly as possible because there are no guarantees only the power of choice. All things are impermanent.
Take a risk today and let love in.

As always tread lightly on yourself
I love and appreciate you


Join me for 28 minutes for 28 days and together we will explore the joy of inspiration through communication and trusted co-operation.

Still not convinced this is for you or if you even have $28 to invest in yourself AND help horses and donkeys in great need of medical assistance and food at Highveld horsecars. I will let you in on a manifesting secret – The Law of Reciprocity. When you give what you often don’t have to give, it always returns 100% to you in magical ways from the most incomprehensible people and places!

Watch out for the details to register and pay forward your investment to Highveld Horsecare Unit.

Listen to this one thing that heals everything.

and remember that –
To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you!

Here is my guided Forgiveness meditation – when you give it a listen please let me know what shifted and changed for you and also what you are ready to commit to setting yourself free of fear, shame
and old limiting beliefs.

Much love as always to you

Sarah- Jane