Depression – is it a disease or an illness or something else?

The 4 foundational pillars to build on TRUST (disease or illness) Depression wears a multitude of masks, and I speak from my own experience. The standard physical and psychological symptoms of depression, which are common across the medical board, include: a continuous low mood or sadness, feeling hopeless and helpless, feeling tearful, feeling irritable and intolerant of others, having no motivation or interest in participating in life, inability to make decisions, lack of concentration, feeling overly worried or anxious, feeling angry or having angry outbursts, feeling guilt-ridden, trouble remembering things, unexplained physical problems like back pain or headaches, weight loss or gain, loss of sex-drive and talking/moving slower than usual.

In this love bite of body mind medicine I discuss the gift in depression and clear up some confusing misconceptions about depression and anxiety. Given the broad categories of depression and the magnitude ranging from blues to psychosis, is there anyone here who hasn’t experienced it?

Anyone? I’ve witnessed pretty much every single person in my life, including myself, at one point or another, go through their deal of depression.

Any time you run into a disparity that life says you are not who you imagined yourself to be, desperation sets in.

Does it make sense that any time you try to get someone else to see your point of view, when you are projecting until they submit to your point of view because they cannot take the pain that you are putting them in, trying to be right until you can get someone to agree with you. They do so because they are desperate to keep what was in place and one way to destroy themselves is a slow destructive process. It is a result or perception on their part tat they are inextricably trapped…..

in a body that doesn’t work any more, or a job that does not support their lifestyle any more and it always includes the idea that some how or another they are trapped,

Who would they be without the illusion, the identity of who that think they could be.

Every-single-one-of-them experience loss and when they get so desperate to the their lives, we all lose.

What does this say about the human condition?

I will give you the 4 foundational frequencies to build on trust that you can apply to your life right away.

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