Please be patient with me
Give me a little more wiggle room
Can’t you see I am still
Under construction?
Half erected
Half in shambles
With unthinkable corners
Not the soft curves of nature’s embrace
A partial roof that lets in sunshine
and also the sweet rain

I have ruins
Yet I am far from ruined
I am not sure I will ever be
I choose not to
I will pass on wanting to be built
I want to keep building
On strong foundations
Trusting in my capacities
To out create
And Un ravel

As an outlier
in an ever changing landscape
Shhhhh, Can you hear it?
As one

Medicine Women
who walk
with lions
true belonging

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Your June forecast and body mind medicine comes to you in the video below –
Resting my eyes and using the sound medicine of my voice.

Make this month magical as you manifest what you most desire to show up and share
because your story is powerful.
I see you
I honor you
and I send you so much love

Tread gently as you tend to your garden
on your sweet, soft bodied and so sensitive physical body


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