What is betrayal blindness?


What better time than on Freedom Day in South Africa and on the full moon to access your true divine nature and birthright to create your own freedom, no matter what chaos and insanity is going on around you?
I hope you join me on my personal facebook page at 7pm SAST for a free Boundary Bootcamp where you will learn how to say no in a loving way and take a stand for yourself. I will teach you how to use my time tested Deal and Deliver to create a win win in every relationship. Not only is the best way to keep your immune system healthy but the best way to help your pets stay vital and happy because you are.

So often we forget we are the stewards of the Earth..
there is entitlement that we think we should be at the front of the queue
or when we hold a container with our peeps that we know more
or when we want to help animals that they are the ones saving us.

I know to ask the Goddess to give me the humility to put my head down
do the inner work and pray for humility.
Let me seek a soft heart — no matter where I am.

I am sending you full moon wishes that you too learn humility before the alarm clock goes off, before the frying pan hits you hard. Let us all learn during this moment to be simple, humble and honorable to what life is trying to say.

The Earth needs us to wake up and pay attention,

but no one seems to be listening.
I can’t help but wonder what Mother Nature is trying to communicate everywhere as the lions continue to be slaughtered,
where we continue to pollute the soil and the oceans with our waste and plastics outnumber those who live in it – they are dying because we are taking away their food source and they swallow toxic plastics,
where the wild mustangs and elephants are slaughtered for the greed of the cattle farmers.

As I meditate, set a crystal grid under the guidance of my ancestral and animal helping spirits as I do in moon times like this

and as I look up at brightness of the night to the stars this full moon,
I hear myself asking:

What can I do for you Gaia?
How can I serve better than I did today?

This is the aligned generative questioning
my heart and soul asks of me to make
use of Taurus and Scorpio on this full moon:
a prayer of service to the Great Mother.

Nothing at this moment seems more important.
Happy hopeful Freedom Day every day and to wholistic Full Moon mindfulness to you!

So often we feel pain will never subside


and you know that the only way is through grief , that the only way to heal is to feel and stop resisting grief. There is no single “correct” way to grieve.
Your grief is as unique as your fingerprint.

It’s important to honor your loss and give yourself the time and space to experience and feel your feelings.

Your grief is a reflection of the love.
Grief is a no judgement zone.
Grief needs to be witnessed.

I spoke about a different point of view about death, loss, betrayal and grief with David Gettings last week and would love to know what touched or lit you up most.I also spoke more to what to do in times of great tragedy and deep lost here.

I am also curious to know what you would like to know about how trusting you will transform trauma into truth telling and return to your hearts.Did you listen to the guided forgiveness meditation I offered up to you in deep support of global oneness and consciousness? With Mother’s day coming up what better time to heal the Mother Wound than now and to surrender to forgiveness by rising up into the lightness of your being?

Below is a video about how to stop suffering and impact your life and those causes you care about in a way you don’t have to become a victim. Peace is possible and you will get through this stronger than ever.We also need to be willing to have money for the resources we can use to make a bigger difference – for me that is contributing 50% of all my paid animal sessions and my Paws for Raw – whole food for healthy pets e-book to charities like CLAW, Emoya big cat sanctuary and others.

if you missed the opportunity to Join me and explore the joy of inspiration through communication and trusted co-operation tell me what stopped you from saying YES, so i can make this life changing Tryst process more accessible to more kind people who want to make a difference to the Earth and the sentient beings.

By using the Trust Process we get in touch with our hearts compassionately and patiently by being present with what is moment by moment. This life transformational process builds a core bond of trust and confidence that deepens inter relationships in animals and people. This is the ancient wisdom of shamans, which can then develop and extend to all areas of life.

When our relationship shifts from trauma based fear or shut down to trust and truth telling, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning and deep cellular healing.

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared.

What can animals teach us about trust?
– R1250 saving –
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