How to create sacred space ( just be in the present moment)


And the sacredness of trust.

In this vlog I share what our ancestors knew about connection and feeling over thinking. Why learning to trust your self, your gut intuition is so important. beautiful tool that gives peace of mind and it is the art – the ability to work at another beings pace which is different concept for us- compassion to not work at our pace but in empathy and feeling listening of another being to go at their body’s pace not yours.. We are so conditioned as human beings with animals in the last century to be fear motivators – you only have to look at the horse world to see how to make a horse move forward from fear not trusted co operation and two way dialogue.

Sacredness” is another superfine concept in life, like “etiquette,” “reverence,” and “respect.” The word comes from the Latin root sacrare, meaning “holy,” so something is sacred when it deserves veneration because of its Godliness. Sacredness can be about places—like temples and sacred grounds—and it can also be about people, music, ideas, processes, thoughts, and objects like idols.

It can be about ceremonies, symbols, geometry, moments, and existence.  Everything, including the most ordinary, becomes sacred when prayerfulness, meditativeness, respect, adoration, and deep silence is felt from within at sacred places. We often associate sacred places with bodily purity, which is why we generally enter one without shoes, and with clean feet. Bodily purity is a prerequisite for anything sacred.

We also observe silence and sharpen our awareness, as we cannot afford levity in such moments. For example, on entering the gate of an ashram or any known holy place, there always should be openness of the heart.

All are welcome, and once we are welcomed there is a responsibility on our part. Find out how you can learn the Trust process online or in person here Watch this on how the Trust process changes everything and here

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