PreHow to treat seasonal allergies naturally

and also when allergies are triggered by unprocessed grief and trauma.

For many people and animals the change of seasons especially into spring brings up seasonal allergies.

In this video I want to share some of the natural remedies you can use for yourself or your beloved animal friends to ease those itchy eyes , stop the sneezing and runny noses and lower histamine levels with nature as medicine.

If you don’t know me, I am Sarah-Jane, an alternative medicine practitioner and body worker specializing in nervous system and brain repair. As someone who was told that an inoperable brain tumor would kill me over 17 years ago, I want you to know that there is a functional and integrative approach to resolving mystery diseases naturally and to never give up. I offer energy healing, pet nutrition counseling, animal communication, dog training & behavioral modification for your furry friends.

Energy healing, animal communication sessions & nutritional counseling can be done from a distance. Spring allergy symptoms can be annoying and problematic for your pets (and you).

However they can also be very helpful. Because these symptoms are specific clues of the underlying immune imbalance. An internal imbalance which can be resolved like any other! The HMDM protocol for doing so is similar to how you can improve your pets natural resistance to Lyme and other infections. The method is simple but not always so easy. That is, to support your pet’s body while using the symptom clues to understand how it is imbalanced.

Listen or watch how you can treat allergies and lower histamine count and let me know what are some of your allergy remedies from pant medicine you use.

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