Why is trust vital so living an abundant life?

Every day in my practice of supporting people and animals return to trust and resolve hidden trauma

(so you don’t keep scaring yourself sick from living in constant lack, scarcity and separation)

I see some basic patterns of resistance come up time and time again, which keep so many stuck and paralyzed in their minds.

Have you had the frustration, when trying to create your new life of …

All of a sudden doubting yourself (or even feeling like you will fail)?

Feeling like the self-defeating voice is so overwhelming that you just have to give up?

(In many indigenous cultures like the Cree they speak to this as a virus of the mind

– Wateeko I spoke to in the #wetoo 5 day Cathedral of Change Challenge)

Or … finding that every door you knock on closes in your face?

Or…..find yourself feeling more alone and confused about how to break free of vows of poverty and financial abuse.

Why can’t we break through?

What is really going on?

After we have done so much work on ourselves shouldn’t life just open up and start to flow easily?

Yet, so many of us can feel literally THWARTED in the areas of love, health, prosperity, success and all the dreams that

we know our small soul is urging us to generate and accept our wholeness with the big Soul as our True Nature.

I really wanted to address this, because I know this challenges many of you

… and it used to mess with me a lot too … until I realised WHAT was going on and HOW to address these parts within me

keeping me separated from my true desires and dreams and how to be open to trusting to receive everything that is already

encoded in your cells, from the time you were born with your own unique abundance code.

And that’s what today’s body mind medicine soundbite is all about.

Watch this episode of True Nature Trustism is all about
Why do we resist abundance and a solution to open to receiving

The interesting thing about abundance is that it can be pretty elusive at times especially

when you try figure out a way to rise up from the mind rather than the heart and the soul’s longing.

When you frame scarcity challenges as threats and resist them, or when you try to cling to money with a sense of neediness,

or when you treat money as a power source, you’ll probably find as I do that reality punishes that mindset and those behaviors.

So the deeper challenge is to come up with the turn around as described in the Work of Katie Byron

and the right approach so that you aren’t scaring money away all the time and getting yourself sick.

You may want to re listen to the training so many of you got the missing link to living an abundant life

where I spoke to You are not trapped here.

Same goes for other forms of abundance like relationship abundance, social abundance and lifestyle abundance.

In my efforts to help you get free from the old programming and belief systems so you can stay deeply rooted in your truth,

you will see that it is counter-intuitive in walking a spiral path of harmony with your inner and external climates.

It takes a while to wrap our heads around them, reset your frazzled nervous system that has probably been

stuck On fight, flight or freeze for a very long time and largely that’s because the solution space for many people

involves working on one’s heartset more than one’s mindset.

Locking into an abundance heart space is a lot more powerful than an abundance mindset.

So now that you know what causes you to fear loss to the degree that you create a lack of trust and a scarcity

and what your unique prescription pathway to abundance looks like when we restore our abundance codes through trust,

what is one thing you will commit to doing daily that will amplify your resources and your resourcefulness?

I hope you gained some worthwhile insights from this that will help you on your own abundance journey.

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