Suffering is Optional ( and it affects your pets)

Suffering is optional and also affects your pets so listen in to see what simple ways you can begin to have the confidence again to stay on your path and grow through painful and challenging moments with more ease.   Many of us who long to awaken to our true...

Suicide and depression (why with all the money & fame did Anthony Bourdain kill himself?)

By the time you finish reading this 800 people will have committed suicide. With two celebrities taking their lives this week, I wanted to speak to the dark showy, oh so not sexy topic of trauma recovery I am an expert in. I got my phD in my decades of living with depression, anxiety and a few failed suicide attempts and am so grateful I did not succeed in dying so I get to share what I know works to transform through trauma and live fully into how to engage with our sensitivities into a place of TRUST so that we can rediscover our ability to fully engage in how we live deeply alive.