Thank you, thank you, thank you for facilitating such awesome change in my life! You make me laugh, cry, get angry, happy and everything in between. You are fabulous being that is changing the world and my world has change for the better! Thank you!

Hayley-Su Buchanan

Sarah-Jane is a breath of fresh air!  Her work brings harmony and balance to everyone she reaches.  I have benefited from her innate knowledge of nature and stepping into the question of what else is possible.  This has opened doors for me that I otherwise would not.  Thank you!

Brenda Pearce

Conscious nurse, revolutionary, catalyst, Efactor Live

In my initial session with Sarah-Jane,  I was calmer and clearer than I had been for years. I could tell she was as deeply committed to my needs and desires as I was, and I knew I could rely on her to get me there. She pushed me to embrace my shadow side, out of my comfort zone. I have a clearer vision of where I am going and what I need to do to get there. I have a plan in place, money coming in before I quit my  job and I never would have been able to leave without her by my side. I now live in my dream home on the ocean doing what I love.

Debbi Nevay-Hudson

Every time we had a session I loved myself more. What I thought I needed to work with was never it at all. Fully embracing my body and using my story of struggle with weight and food has changed my life, my relationship with my partner, my friendships and in the end it was the foundation of what I needed to get clear on as a gift to make great money & change for other women tortured by their love/ hate relationship with their bodies to loving the skin they are in.


Sarah Jane challenged me to not limit myself by staying grounded in my body while asking the right questions for me. I now believe in my unique capacities that, when polished, have impacted every area of my life in ways that have delightfully surprised me. Her niche specialty in this sense, for awakening the awareness in entrepreneurs to be leaders that embrace their originality to reach the next level in life and business is one of a kind. She has shown me that the best friend and partner in life is my best self. Sarah-Jane is the kind of guide who got me to own all of me. Investing in her program has been the best investment I have ever made to finding that same value in myself – I am my own Diamond mine.

Rheba Estante, LOS ANGELES (USA)

Author, Seeker, Trauma Counselor

I decided to give myself the gift of working privately with Sarah-Jane after my deliberation and back pedaling. I invited her to speak at Inspiring  Women’s networking event as I was attracted to her vulnerability, humor, honesty and professionalism… she inspired me to believe I can do anything!! In just one session she brought the core of who I am, my message and my dream clients to the surface and give me the strategies to keep work-balance-life I so badly lacked. Having confidence, clarity and a realistic action plan has been a huge relief. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane, you a beacon of light to women ready to shine.

Tanya Ehmke


Since I first received from Sarah-Jane a little over 3 years ago, my life is unrecognizable! Thank you for being the change that I could choose! I’m in true appreciation of the space and facilitation you are allowing for us all to choose what we choose.

Charlinda Byrd

Fabulous Finance

Sarah-Jane’s talent to work with the body mind is phenomenal. She has a way of working with energy to rebuild & recalibrate the mental pathways and thereby releasing the sub conscious blocks. The biggest part of working with SJ has been my acceptance of letting go, if you go into a session with this in mind it amplifies the treatment significantly and so fast.  She has contributed to my life in making me aware of that which I say and attract and gifted me the tools of how to release from all levels to truly activate with Merkeba and the diamond codes.

Arshad Mohammed

FM Media

In the past, I invested thousands of dollars for months of coaching that left me more frustrated and hopeless than when I began. In just one month working with Sarah-Jane, I am blown away at how much calm and clarity I have received about how much my childhood experiences have been running me as an adult and I have discovered that I have the power and the choice to change what has making me sick and tired. My children are thriving, and my business has increased in profits and I am working half the hours I used to.

Janet A

Media Proprietor, Author, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Model, Producer, Janet Aizenstros

I have had so many “AHA” moments and permanent relief from the pain in my neck that has been with me for over 30 years. Sarah-Jane goes over and beyond your standard health practitioner and delivers results every time. She has a firm, yet gentle, loving way of breaking down mental and physical barriers I never even knew were there, to get to who I am on the inside. If you have been feeling off, or are going through a tough transition, have suffered from some sort of trauma, mystery illness, physical injury or mental break, or just need a lifeline, look no further than Sarah-Jane.  She will get you out of your head tripping back to your heart with her intuitive ability to connect with all types of people, animals and situations to get to the root cause.

Veronica du Preez, ATLANTA (USA)

Before I met Sarah-Jane, I was stuck in a one-on-one massaging and coaching business and still coming up broke each month. I was living from so much fear, I would take any kind of work. I can hardly recognise my life now. Sarah-Jane opened up a whole world I never thought I could have. I am now travelling around the world, learning and teaching classes and money is no longer a problem. She is like this farmer cross fairy godmother, quietly planting seeds for others to reap. Thank you so much. I learnt so much from you on so many levels, those that catapult me forward in my own live and the way you model such powerful strategies, groundedness and love that I can then share with my own clients.

Samantha Lewis, JOHANNESBURG (RSA)

I met Sarah-Jane by chance 5 years ago when I was searching for my Oriental stud that had gone missing. Contacting her after dealing with several other Animal Communicators appealed to me as she brought something different to the table. I had previously had some exposure to BodyTalk and I was interested to find out the connections for my cats and myself. Since then, she has assisted me in understanding and healing my animals as well as healing myself. More recently, our relationship has grown into a friendship and into a professional realm where she is coaching me to let go of fear and step into the unknown to build my dream business as a designer and creator… an alchemist. Thank you SJ. I am forever grateful for your guidance and no nonsense attitude to get to the point and shake me out of my funk and for all of your help in teaching me about my beautiful cats and what they need.

Nicole Barratt, Durban (RSA)

Graphic & Web Designer | Breeder of Oriental, Siamese & Peterbald Cats, Studio Alchemy