Believe Official


  • Membership Group For Leaders
  • 4x 60 Minute Training Sessions Per Month – 8-9pm SAST
  • Upgrade Your Life
  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Community
  • Success
  • Momentum


This tribe is about getting results now, not some day.
Its about leading your life from trusting you are your most valuable asset.
Its about training to get the level of success you know is possible.
Where you know beyond belief, you are here to make a difference.
Where you lead with generosity.
Where you are aligned and present with your truth.
Where you know who you are here to serve.
Where you have the solid foundations in place to show up and profit.
Where you master how to heart sell not hard sell and hustle.

You will:

  • Master your inner game.
  • Grow a living legacy where you amplify your money flows.
  • Overcome the Fear of Disapproval (and the NEED for Approval in the first place!).
  • Develop the Mindset of a Powerful, Ethical, and Influential Leader (and discover how to build a business around it).
  • Learn how to make Selling into a SPIRITUAL Experience (that is incredibly fun and pleasurable for all parties involved).
  • Open up the Energetic Fire Hose so that Money Flows Friction-Free In and Out of your Life.
  • Start Each Day off with a Shot of Pure Spiritual Inspiration (so you can experience your Life with a sense of Peace and POWER).
  • Align Your thoughts with Your Goals and Aspirations (so that every waking moment brings you one step closer to the Experiences you Desire).
  • Boost Your Confidence and Sense of Self-Worth (you are ENOUGH, and it’s time you felt it!).
  • Expand Your Capacity for Wealth and Success (making TONS of money is a lot easier than you think, once you don’t care about making money ;-).
  • Get In Touch With and Fearlessly Express Your Authentic Self (The YOU That You KNOW You Can Be).
  • Develop CLARITY and CONFIDENCE In All Areas of Your Life (make yourself “regret-proof”).
  • Take OWNERSHIP of Your DESIRES, and Use Them To Guide You Toward a Life of Passion and Purpose (Ego is a Vehicle for PURPOSE. Your Mind Vitamind will show you why).
  • Let Go of Shame, Guilt, and Fear (along with all the other mental baggage that’s slowing you down)
  • And MORE…


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