The first thing to know about working with me is that I always treat the causes, not the symptoms.
This means that we have some investigating and measuring to do. We’ve got to figure out what underlying issues are causing or exacerbating your symptoms—and it’s often not obvious. And since we can’t transform what we don’t measure, we measure everything.Levels of health parameters you’re already familiar with, as well as cutting-edge functional health markers you probably don’t know exist.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you work with me:

We’ll test, we won’t guess. We start with a full medical evaluation to uncover any potential impediments to optimal health—such as food sensitivities, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances and digestive disorders. We’ll test your cholesterol and all the usual suspects as well.

We’ll begin to make changes. This is not a jolt of motivation that goes away a week later. And we’re not talking about those resolutions we all make and never keep. This is totally doable. You’ll make small changes at first. One at a time. Then bigger changes, when you’re ready. And when our time together is through, you’ll have completely changed the way you think, the way you eat, the way you move—because all of those little daily choices snowball into BIG results.

We’ll focus on natural, non-invasive treatments. While I’ll use prescription medications when indicated, I’ll primarily use natural modalities including whole-foods-based nutrition (your first and best medicine), supplements, effective exercise, lifestyle modification, stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. All are key components of your overall health and work in concert with each other to bring your mind and body back into balance.

We won’t count calories. I will give you specific dietary recommendations, but I won’t make you count calories. The proportion and quality of calories you eat are MUCH more important than exact quantities. I’ll teach you how to make good choices and stick to reasonable portions, but you’re life won’t be ruled by the calculator (hooray!).

We’ll carefully track your progress with everything from symptom questionnaires to body composition (body fat) measurements to repeat blood tests. We’ll uncover the blueprint of what your body needs (because we’re all unique). Careful tracking will help us do just that.

You’ll be an ally and partner in the process. I’ll share my knowledge with you as well as help you brainstorm to find your own solutions. Ultimately you are the “CEO” of your long-term health. I’ll give you some interesting and informative reading assignments (articles, books, links to web sites, etc.) and have you keep a health activity journal (food, exercise, sleep, etc). You’ll need to be an active participant in the transformation of your health to ensure your results stick for the long haul.

You’ll have a blueprint to return to as often as needed. Most of my patients feel so much better as time goes on that they stick with their new habits forever. But there may be times when their lives get hectic and they start making less-than-desirable choices—which throws their mind and body out of balance. That’s why you’ll get a blueprint that you can return to over and over again whenever you need to get “back on the wagon.” With the blueprint in hand, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get back into balance and start feeling great again.


If you commit to the process of recovery, you can expect a total transformation in the way you look, feel and think.

After working with me for just a few months, my patients inevitably say something like “Wow. I had not idea it was possible to feel this good every day!”

This is true even with the most challenging cases because I treat the causes, not the symptoms. I help you identify and address what’s beneath the surface and integrate it on a cellular level (rewrite your story) and teach you exactly how to identify your stress triggers and reset your nervous system and then support your body mind with live, nutritional foods, amino acids, supplements, movements and mindset you need to create and sustain lifelong, vibrant health.

The body follows the mind, so when you address healing on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level, everything changes for the better!

When you work with me privately or through a group or home study program, some of the results you can expect are:

Better health, less medications. My goal is to help you avoid having to start long-term medications. If you are already taking medications, I’ll help you whittle down your list or get rid of them entirely.

Your ideal body weight, for good. No fad diets here. We’ll design a customized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan based on your unique biochemistry and physiology. You’ll learn how to build muscle mass and lose body fat, once and for all, without all the heartache and struggle.

More energy, naturally. Hold the sugar and caffeine. You’ll break free of the afternoon vending machine or coffee shop runs when you learn how to boost your energy in a natural and sustainable way.

A happier, positive mood. Mind and body balance restored. When you know exactly what your mind and body need, and can begin to take one tiny action at a time, you develop confidence, and a little something called momentum. One of the most surprising benefits my patients report is a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. You’ll know what’s right for you—from the inside out.

Increased focus, clarity and money flows. Because when you identify and heal the core wounds of abundance and worthiness. When you can see where you go into fear based choices, where you are in lack and scarcity based on your adverse childhood experiences and your inherited belief systems  about receiving money, then can see what your purpose is, claim your value and use your unique gifts and talents to create a positive impact in the world and claim financial freedom!

And a whole lot more…

You’ll come away confident about trusting your own body mind intelligence and the knowledge to write your own personal prescription for to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Through the Mindfulness process and True nature Purpose mapping you will continue to recognize your triggers and resolve them before you have a body mind breakdown. You will BE YOUR OWN MEDICINE because you will have your own personal prescription and understanding to the psychological and biological workings of YOU.


To help you get well and feel great again, we’re going to need to work together, as a team. We’ll need to do some detective work and compare notes. To that end, your customized program includes:

A Comprehensive Initial Evaluation (2 hours) in clinic or via skype.

Prior to your first visit, you will be sent a comprehensive intake form and various questionnaires to submit prior to your first consultation.

During your initial consultation, we will engage in a detailed conversation about your “health story” starting from childhood up to the current state of your health. We will discuss potential approaches to improve your health and I will recommend only if it seems necessary at this stage, laboratory testing to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. The session is primarily an information gathering and sharing session to map out a personalized plan for you.

The initial evaluation will include the following:

Extensive review of your Adverse Childhood experience and CUTS – “childhood unpredictable toxic stress”levels, your resilience and emotional sensitivity to your environment. We look deep at your medical, nutrition and exercise history, eating patterns and lifestyle

Determination of your health, fitness and life vision

  • Body composition (body fat) measurement using the 5 element personality typing and genetic predisposition
  • Lab test recommendations (conventional labs as well as specialized testing options for digestive imbalances, vitamins/nutrients, hormones, etc.)
  • Follow-up Private Consultations. Following your initial evaluation, I offer two plans that consist of regular appointments either once or twice a month (depending on your conditions and goals) over a three, six or twelve month period. You may also choose a month to month plan. Habits, patterns and chronic health conditions take a while to develop. Three to six months is a relatively brief time frame to expect to resolve them, and it’s important that we meet regularly to keep you on course towards your long-term goals. These follow-up consultations may be in person, over the phone or Skype.
  • Action plans following each visit. I’ll give you simple steps to take, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore before our next consultation. You’ll implement and report back with what’s working and what needs adjustment.
  • Secure messaging through the Patient Portal between consultations. Secure portal messages are a great way for us to stay in touch between your consultations and you’ll get timely answers to all of your questions.

We’ll build the components of your customized health blueprint, your personal prescription for health, based on your health goals. Depending on your situation, we’ll address the following: 

  • Bio-nutrition. The reason you couldn’t follow that “healthy” diet? Perhaps it wasn’t healthy for your unique genetic composition and environment. Learn what, when and how much to eat for your biochemistry.
  • Extensive review of lab results. Get an in-depth understanding of your unique biochemistry and physiology using conventional lab work as well as specialized functional tests.
  • A customized, efficient exercise program. We’ll develop this together based on your fitness goals, schedule, and the types of activities you enjoy. We’ll help you get more results in less time.
  • Body composition measurements. Ensure that all of the changes to your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are leading to the desired effect on your body composition—more muscle, less fat.
  • Customized supplement plan. Based on your lab test results and designed to correct any imbalances, I’ll prescribe precisely what your body needs and nothing more.

Plan for weaning off prescription medications (if indicated). The problem with most prescription medications is that they rarely address the cause of your condition. They usually just treat the symptoms and cause unwanted side effects. We’ll work together to wean you partially or totally off of them whenever feasible.

Stress reduction techniques. Excessive stress has a negative effect on your health. I’ll recommend specific strategies to help you push the “pause button” and unwind. You’ll not only have greater peace of mind, but your entire system will respond positively. You’ll feel more energized and you’ll be more satisfied with your life overall.


Initial Consultation (2 hours):
Africa ZAR2970
International $697

Treatment Plan 1 (Optimize Plan):
Monthly Payments of
Africa ZAR1297
International $297
(includes one 50 minute consultation a month)

Treatment Plan 2 (Transform Plan):
Monthly Payments of
Africa ZAR2470
International $497
(includes two 50 minute consultations a month and weekly accountability check-ins)

Payments can be made through Paypal on your credit card at an additional 3% surcharge.

Which plan will be the best for you? It will depend on the complexity of your health situation and your overall health goals. We will decide together at your Initial Evaluation which plan is the best fit for you.

Prepaid Plan Discounts. The above plan pricing is on a month-to-month basis. I also offer discounts to patients who choose to prepay for a three, six or twelve month plan (from 5% to 20% off). Book a complimentary CLARITY healing breakthrough discovery call to find the best fit for you.

Supplements and Laboratory Testing. The above plans are only for my professional services and do not include the cost of any recommended supplements or laboratory testing. I am generally on the conservative end of the spectrum with my recommendations for both. You will receive a discount on supplements and pay the lowest cost available on laboratory testing because I do NOT make any profits from supplements or laboratory testing.


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