Join the “Be Your Own Medicine” Academy

This 90 day self paced intensive program will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make a massive shift for the better in all areas of your life by getting to the root cause of your issues naturally.You will work at a core level where all the “stuck trauma” causing your current health and life challenges are and resolving them so they stay gone.


Journeys on Ancient Soil™ Coming home to your wild heart If experiencing the calls of the wild is on your bucket list, then I invite you to join me, in some of the most unspoilt sacred space in South Africa. “Only from the heart of Africa can you touch the sky.“


Can you relate to having reached levels of success and satisfaction in every area of your life except with your body weight? If you are hungry for change and ready to weight what matters without starving your body and eliminating your choices to live a happy, healthy, vital life then this self paced home study is for you! You are an intelligent,beautiful women and I am guessing that you don’t need more will power, you definitely not lazy and you don’t need another Diet plan you are doomed to never see through. What you are looking for is solutions to YOUR unique body mind template that works because you work.


5 Magic Words That Will Change Your Life

Going Back to the Basic Basics!